Just as you would have come across several scientific principles that govern our everyday world i.e. gravitation, refraction etc., certain principles come into use for landscape design Hobart. Landscape designing deals with the process behind developing a practical and aesthetic outdoor space, like a garden. These principles include:

 Unity: This organises the view into orderly groups with each segment having its own pre-ordained place. When integrated together, all segments attract and hold the attention of the viewer.
 Lines: These define rooms and connect people to the landscape. Sweeping bold lines and curves come into use when defining pathways in the garden.
 Forms: These get determined by the line, direction and arrangement of branches and twigs. Therefore, pyramidal forms direct the eyes upward, rounded forms remain easy-on-the-eye, horizontal/spreading forms emphasize the lateral extent and breadth of space, vase-shaped trees define comfortable spaces beneath the tree’s canopy etc.
 Texture: Defined as the relationship between the foliage, twig-size and mass of the plants, when seen from close quarters, the size and shape of the leaves and twigs form the texture; similarly, when seen from a distance, the entire mass effect of plants and light, give substance to the texture of the landscape.
 Colour: The most powerful of the design elements, this creates mood and feeling with each colour representing a specific feeling i.e. red denotes passion, blue denotes serenity, green denotes harmony etc.
 Scale: This evokes an emotional connection and comprises of the absolute scale, the relative scale, the high scale and the low scale that evoke a feeling of peace and relaxation.
 Balance: This denotes the scales of equilibrium and balances the two halves of a landscape.
 Simplicity/Variety: These can be defined as degrees of repetition that create unity and diversity.
 Emphasis: This denotes the dominance and subordination of several elements in the landscape.
 Sequence: This denotes the change in form, colour, texture and size that enhance life or movement.

Each of these principles comes into use when designing a landscape and remains interconnected with the others. The perfect combination of all these principles translates into a beautiful, well-balanced garden.
DH Landscaping provides services relating to garden care Hobart and employ these principles when designing gardens and outdoor landscapes that enhance the beauty and value of your home. Unlike the usual principle of “dig and plant” employed by gardeners, DH Landscaping utilises the basic tenets of landscaping to give your home an outdoor that matches the interior décor of your house and complements it in aesthetic taste and elegance.

DH Landscaping provides services relating to garden care Hobart and employ these principles when designing gardens and outdoor landscapes that enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, Virginia
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Garden Design for small gardens-landscape design ideas

Garden Design for small gardens-landscape design ideas
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