Mittleider Gardening: In-Garden Greenhouse, How To Build

Building an in-garden greenhouse for your Mittleider garden will protect your plants from wind, cold, heat and insects thus making your vegetable plants healthier, grow faster and produce more. You will also extend your growing season by warming your soil sooner allowing you to plant sooner. You will also keep your plants protected from hot summer heat allowing your plants to stay in the ground longer and keep on producing.

– Mittleider Gardening Materials:
– T-Frame Construction Video:
– T-Frame Canopy Construction Video:
– Mittleider Gardening Video Series:

– Greenhouse Plastic:

– Braided 1/4″ Rope:

– 2 x 4 x 8 #2 Prime Prime Pressure-Treated Lumber: Home Depot Store SKU # 167929
– 1 x 2 x 8 Furring Strip: Home Depot Store SKU # 160954
– 2 in. Spring Clamp: Home Depot Store SKU # 573682
– Exterior #6 x 1-1/4 in. Screw: Home Depot Store SKU #?
– Exterior 3 in. Screw: Home Depot Store SKU #?
– Galvanized 6D Nail: Home Depot Store SKU #?

From gardens to the Eiffel Tower
Taken while walking at one end of the Champ de Mars you can get a feel for just how tall the Eiffel Tower is as it stands over the trees and gardens.

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