Developing a small garden is an excellent hobby and for many it may even be a terrific passion. It can show your creative side, your creativeness and the satisfaction you have for your own home. In the event you don’t now have a small garden, or if you want a few small garden design ideas, this is the document for you.

Throughout this article we will be concentrating on aromatic flowers that really make any small garden bloom.

Our very first suggestion is always to have some David Austin Roses. David Austin Roses look stunning; they’re larger and more detailed than many other roses, while employing a delicate citrus aroma the air all around these roses feels pure and refreshing. It’s an excellent plant to install near the home front door, because it will certainly be complimented a lot.

The Honoki Cedar as well as Juniper trees are the ideal choices as far as trees are concerned. The Honoki Cedar and Juniper trees are delicately balsamic fragrant and they give traditional small garden designs the edge. These types of plants also smell “clean” and can also be used as Yuletide trees if there’s the necessity for it – or if you just want to lay out your Christmas lights on them.

Juniper trees include the advantage of producing Juniper berries. These berries are small, aromatic and smell like gin.

Now, a small garden design should never be completed without having a bush of some type to enrich trees and flowers – and that’s exactly where we now go. The thing is, as far as I’m concerned there’s simply no better shrub to have in a small garden than the Boxwood shrub. It’s oval leaves have an element that is really nice – they are eternally green!

There are a lot of folks that can’t stand boxwood’s scent, but if you like it I would put in a few for the looks and because every well-known small garden throughout history included at least a couple (Google it, it’s true).

As a closing note, I want to state that a long and straight flower container full of lavender will make an remarkable improvement to any small garden design. Lavender smells awesomely fantastic, it cleans the air and its uniform brilliant purple color brightens up your land, making your small garden always look wonderful.

For those of you with more area, try using a plot of lavender – a considerable plot – as the large scale impact is awesome

Want to improve your curb appeal? A small garden will do wonders. Read about the many different options to design your own garden at Small Garden Design.

2016 – China – Hangzhou – West Lake – Floral Sculpture
West Lake has a small floral sculpture park adjacent to the tourist stores.

West Lake is a man-made lake located in the middle of the city. Plenty of attractions surround it like gardens, pagodas, temples and bridges.

Listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011 West Lake is the only lake heritage site in China. UNESCO describes it as “has influenced garden design in the rest of China as well as Japan and Korea over the centuries” and “reflecting an idealized fusion between humans and nature”.
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Garden design for small spaces

Garden design for small spaces