Lawn tractor tires can be effortlessly acquired currently from a number of dealers even in a local area. Tractor parts substitution and preservation is a simple thing to do. You only have to be certain of the potency and strength of its function by ensuring its type and quality and taking care of it by vital repairs. You also have to watchfully discriminate between the tractor tire sizes; what are available and what do you require. It is significant to take account of basic things when you decide which tire to buy such as your budgeted cash in hand and the condition of the lawn in which you want the tractor used.

Standard method of measuring the tires of a lawn tractor is through the metric system. Sizes are printed and found at the side of the tire. You can see the prints in this format: width/rim size or width – rim size. Example: 11.2/24 or 11.2 – 24 this means that width of the tire is 11.2 inches and would fit a 24 inches rim size. To make sure on a certain lawn tire you need, always check on the manual of the tractor. One thing to consider though in determining which tire to buy is the kind of environment and terrain where to use the tractor. If you find that the place is a much tougher one, then you have to purchase the heavier and thicker types.

Tires can be acquired from almost all mechanical hardware stores or part providers and they can also be bought from general retailers. The internet is the best place if you wish to search for an appropriate provider for tractor parts. The pros and cons as well as the related functions of the 5 key types of tires should be kept in mind when finding a tire for your lawn tractor.

Round Shoulder Turf tires are designed for the lawn tractor’s front row wheels. The relatively smoother wheel threads allows softer turns in order to avoid damages that could be incurred on the lawn’s surface. Square Shoulder Turf tires are designed as hind set wheels. The wheels have bigger treads or footprints and have wider size that permits the lawn tractor for a greater grip and traction.

This type of tire is much suitable in wet or slippery lawns. The Rib Tread Tires are for front set wheels which have relatively softer treads for them not to damage the lawn surface and make turf markings. The Lug Tread Tires are best used for surfaces that would require ample amounts of mechanical traction. Is may be proven useful in loose soils, sloping drives and for lawns covered with snow. Commercial Grade Turf Tires are the more heavy duty type. These tires have more ply ratings that are heavier, longer and deeper treads that are very much requires for industrial or commercial use.

Whichever type of lawn tractor to use would be mainly dependent on its purpose. And to get the maximum performance from your lawn tractor, you should be able to choose the best tire. Finally, ensure that your lawn tractor tires are properly maintained to give you out long lasting and quality use.

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