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With the help of racks, one can easily enhance the display of journals, monthly publications and books thereby making them even more appealing. Get the best racks and enhance your product display.

The racks are to promote and display print advertising in retail stores and malls. The marketing managers use multi-pocket racks for displaying weekly or monthly publications, journals, flyers, world news, books or weekly periodicals and newspapers. The magazines racks are available in varied options like portable trade show periodical holders, wall mounted, counter and tabletop and floor standing models. These magazine racks are perfect to place in museums, hospitals, schools and corporate reception areas. The magazine racks are also named as journal racks and publication holders due to the displaying material.

Different magazine racks

Different magazine racks are available in various sizes, styles and shapes. There are different options of rack materials like wood, wire, metal, acrylic and glass.

Absence of floor space

In absence of proper floor space one can opt for a wall mount magazine holder that will be best suited in such condition. The wall mount racks are good for small businesses as provide proper display that too in limited floor space. The hung up rack is maintained at the eye level so that the customer can check out the new editions. The customers will also prefer it as nobody want to bend or dig out the desired magazine from any pile of magazines.

The counter top racks are also used in absence of proper floor space as these are directly placed on counters where the customer can easily notice the displayed magazines. The counter top displays can be seen in doctors’ offices, hotel lobbies, travel agencies and restaurants. The acrylic counter top magazine holders are used in tradeshows as it give unobstructed view of the displayed magazines and easy access to the customers if wish to take away any displayed brochures also.

Other magazine racks

The rotating magazine displays are used to get more space for displaying magazines and attract more and more customers as they can watch out every material on the rack while standing at one point. The portable racks are liked by people who wish to easily set up and take down the rack whenever requires. The portable magazine racks come up with carrying case so used during tradeshows. There are also racks for home as one loses interest in reading magazines if lying in a pile on the table. The glass and wood magazine racks look nice and go well with the home decor. The residential magazine racks have modern looks according to the current home furnishings.


The racks are used to boost the sale of any book or magazine store.

The racks attract the view and interest of the readers towards the latest publications and updated periodicals. The magazine racks are used to promote the organization literature and adds up a striking feature to the location. The racks are designed for attracting customers and easy accessibility of magazines.

Online sale

One can find racks for various styles and budget online on various websites. The pictures and features of the different racks are explained in the web pages. After ordering the particular rack, the products are shipped and one can get them delivered at the doorstep.

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Image from page 327 of “The American garden” (1873)
Title: The American garden
Identifier: americang1418811883broo
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Subjects: Horticulture; Gardening
Publisher: Brooklyn, N. Y. : [s. n. ]
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
The Gardener’s Monthly AND HORTICULTURIST. Edited by THOMAS MEEIIAN, State Botanist of Pennsylvania. Indispensable to the. NOVICE, the AMATEUR, or SCIEN TIST alike. Send IS cents in stamps for sample copy. Subscript ions si’. Ill per year. Try it for six months at $1.05, or three months for Oli’cents. Two NEW srusriiim lis at s:S.2l> per year, or one old and oue new, .$3.20. Five Subscribers’, $7.00. Address CHAS. H. MAKOT, Publisher, 814 Chestnut St. Phila. YOU WILL MISS IT P YOU DON’T SEND 50 CENTS FOR Homo ant! F£tx"X3a., For one year. The best Agricultural Paper published. lyr\eu’Xr^niiimUli"t’> Address,’"" HOME AND FARM, care It. F. Avery & Sons, LOUISVILLE, KY.

Text Appearing After Image:
We continue to actassolicitorsfor patents trade-marks, copyrights, etc.,for the United States, and to obtain pat- ents in Canada, England, Franco, Germany, and all other countries. Thirty-six years’practice. No charge for examination of models or draw- ings. Advice by mail free. Patents obtained through us are noticed in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, which has the largest circulation, and is the most influ- ential newspaper of its kind published in the world. The advantages of such a notice every patentee understands. This large and splendidly illustrated news- paper is published WEEKLY at $3.20 a year, and is admitted to be the best paper devoted to science,mechanics, inventions, engineering works, and other departments of industrial progress, published in any country. Single copies by mail, 10 cents. Sold by all news- dealers. Address, Munn & Co., publishers of Scien- tific American, 2G1 Broadway, New York. Handbook about patents mailed free. Until he has tried it, the advantages of a WEEKLY MAGAZINE like The Continent. (Conducted by Albion W. Tourgee.) It gives the Best Literature and the Best Art ouee a week instead of once a month, and one-third more of it every year than any Monthly published at the same price. $4 a year, 10 cents a copy. This unique periodical has from the first been a most decided success. Judge Tourgee tersely announced his ruling principle to be "The best is none too good for the readers of Tfif. Continent." The result has justified this declaration. In addition to its thirty-two pages a week of the best original matter and the most exquisite illustration, Tim Continent celebrates its second birthday, and opens its third volume with the Most Surprising Offers ever made for subscription to any periodical. READ ! WONDER!! CHOOSE !!! Remember it is the new broom that sweeps clean, and the growing magazine that will give you the most for your money. 1. —For $4.00, The Continent for One Year, and "The Housekeeper’s Year Book" (obtainable ONLY by subscribers). Value of premium, 50 cts. 2. —For $4.10, The Continent for One Year, and Judge Tourgee’s last published work of tietion, "John Eax." Value of premium, $1.00. 3. —For $4.20, The Continent One Year, "The Housekeeper’s Year Hook," and a "< ‘ommon Sense Binder," to hold the numbers for six months. Value of premium, $1.25. tine.nt Library," to wit: Helen i ‘ami’Bei.i.’s "Under (ireen Apple Houghs" ($1); E. (‘.GARD- NER’S "The House that Jill Built " ($1.50); and Julian Hawthorne’s •■ Dust " ($1.25). All illus- trated. Value of premium, $1.50. 5. —For $4.50, The continent One Year, and Judge Tourgee’s " A Koval t lent Ionian," fiilh/ il I list rated. Value of premium, $2.00. 6. —For $5.00, The continent < me Year, and either Vol. 1. (Peb. to J line. 1SS2) or Vol. II. (July to Dec, 1882). Handsomely Bound. Value of premium, $3.00. 8. —For $7.00, The continent One Year, and a Complete Set of Judge Ton riser’s American Historical Novels! Five handsome volumes, comprising "A Fool’s Errand and The Invisible Empire" (520 pp., illustrated, 12); "A Hoyal Gentleman" (527 pp. illustrated, s2); "Bricks Without. straw,"521 pp., frontispiece illustration, 81.50) ; "Figs and Thistles" (5,",0 pp., Garfield frontispiece, $1.50); "John Eax" C’,00 pp., 4.1). This is ss worth of books and a s4 inaua/.inc r..r $7.00. Value of premium, $8.00. 9. —For $10, The Continent One Year; Vols. I. and II. of The continent, both bound; the Three Volumes of "Our continent’ Library" and the Five Volumes of touucke’s American His- torical Novels 10 Volumes and 52 Numbers of a Magazine. Value of premium, $17.00. These offers are made to be accepted, and are good for one month from the date of this advertisement. No Commissions or Discounts to any one. If un- acquainted with The Continent, send for a free sample copy and inclose a stamp for our Memorandum Book for 1883. The more you see of the Magazine, the greater will bo your surprise at the terms offered.

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Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.
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