Lawnmower Girl (How to Garden Like a Boss)

At first this toy seemed kinda dangerous to me.

kudzu blossom
Yes, invasive kudzu really does cover the Deep South, but bees love it and the big blossoms have a strong floral fragrance – hard to describe but has been described as similar to jasmine or grapes – especially muscadines (which are ripe right now in the South).

This weekend has been all about saving Monarchs! Photos begin Monday.

Sunday prayers: Do any of you all remember the Alday murders back in 1973 in South Georgia? I’m reading a book called "Appointments with Heaven" by Dr. Reggie Anderson. Fascinating story of how he grew up with a strong faith in God, but then called himself an atheist after the tragic death of dear friends who were Godly men. While camping in the mountains of Tennessee in a break from his medical studies – Jesus shows him heaven to restore his faith. What/who he finds there is truly amazing. It all ties back to the Alday murders that I vaguely remember from all those years ago.

By Vicki’s Nature on 2017-08-23 14:06:41