There are many products from Simplicity but by far one of the most versatile is the tractor. This tractor is used for various earth moving activities including moving of the snow from large expanses. There are various models of the tractor produced by the company and each one them is made with a particular purpose in mind. Depending on the expected use of the tractor you can now choose from the many models.

Models of Lawn tractors

The first and the most powerful model of the tractors is the Legacy XL. The main feature of this tractor is that it is compact in nature. It can be controlled very easily and also comes with many attachments and add-on accessories. You can choose from one of the three 27 horsepower engines.

The second model is the Prestige which is the garden tractor. In this type you have an option of 4 models and the horsepower varies from 20 to 23 hp. It looks like a very aggressive vehicle and it is very durable. The third model is the Conquest which is comparatively the least powered one. The one specialty of this model is the presence of the Quick Hitch(R) that makes it easy to take the tractor all the way from a lawn area onto the garden. It is also very easy to drive.

Advantages of Lawn Tractors

One of the many advantages of these tractors from Simplicity is the fact that they are very easy to maneuver. This is because of the ingrained automatic control traction(R). They also have differential locking systems that make driving the tractors very easy. The other features include electric PTO, light for the dash, facility called cruise control and complete instrumentation. Some of the added advantages are a seat that offers a high-back of up to 15 inches.

The grip of the steering is also very soft and at the same time very steady. For someone who is looking for a vehicle to be used on large field and one that promises durability then tractors from Simplicity are lucrative considerations. It is a common observation that when a vehicle is durable and designed to work hard it usually does not look great but these tractors have that feature too! Along with those mentioned, there are other features that are reasons for the popularity of these tractors. Simplicity delivers everything the name implies – elegance in ingrained functionality.

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KEMP IMPROVED POWER SOIL SHREDDER Prepares any kind of soil, wet, dry, or stony â for any purpose. It reduces time and labor costs from 30% to 50% over old methods; makes manure and fertilizer go further. A Kemp Shredder usually pays for itself during the first year of use. KEMP POWER SOIL SHREDDER No. 6 Shredding heavy, wet compost made from sod and manure. Designed especially for the small grower. Low in price and economical to operate. Powered with a }^ H.P. electric motor that can be plugged into any electric light socket. For use also in potting shed for shredding soil for use in flats and pots. Also a handy machine for shredding and mixing soil and manure on benches. SPECIFICATIONS Length 38° Width 22" Height at discharge end 36° Height at hopper 33" Weight 200 lbs. Power }4H.P. Capacityâeither one or two men loading hopper. Parts having most wear, the hopper, top and de- flector, made from steel. Machine shipped complete with motor and cord, ready to plug into socket and run. Price of No. 6, complete, ready to run $i00.00 (F. O. B. Erie, Pa ) Write for prices on other sizes. KEMP SOIL SHREDDERS No. 5 powered with 5^ H.P Peerless electric motor with switch and 25 ft. of cord $200.00 No. 5 powered with l}4 H. P. Briggs and Stratton gas engine 210.00 No. 5 less engine or motor 165.00 No. 1 powered with either 2 H.P. Cushman gas engine or 1H.P. Peerless electric motor with switch and 25 ft. of cord 270.00 No. 1 complete without motor or engine …. 205.00 No. 1 without motor or engine, belt or belt- shield, but with pulley for operating with tractor 195.00 No. 2 powered with either 4 H.P. Cushman gas engine or 3 H.P. Peerless electric motor with switch and 25 ft. of cord 405.00 No. 2 complete without motor or engine …. 300.00 No. 2 without motor or engine, belt or belt- shield, but with pulley for operating with tractor 290.00 Note: Prices for machines with electric motors are for one, two and three phase motors. For special currents, prices will be furnished on request. In order- ing;, be sure to state phase of current and voltage ZOTOX CRAB GRASS KILLER An amazing new chemical which kills both the seeds and plants of Crab Grass (Water Grass) in lawns. Prevents recurrence the following year. Not Toxic to soil. Must be applied in fall. 1 lb. treats 1000 to 2000 sq. ft. Price, I lb. $1.50; 2 lbs.. $2.50; 5 lbs.. $4.50. Circular free on request. PROTEX ^ A protection for co- niferous and deciduous .^^^^ plants and the broad- leafed evergreens, replac- ing burlap, etc. It has a latex baseandafter spray- ing, a thin colorless, transparent film of porous rubber is left which per- mits normal respiration. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Winter Protex shields against cold and freezing â conditions, and the dry- ing action of wind and sun; it expands with growth and does not bind; new buds penetrate readily; rain does not wash it away. One gallon of winter Protex will protect 12 to 15 trees of 12 inch diameter, or 20 to 30 three foot broad-leaf evergreens, or 250 to 300 rose bushes of transplanting size. Winter Protex 55 gallon drum, $2.50 per gallon; 5 gallon cans, $15 00 each; 1 gallon, $3.50 per gallon; 1 quart can (sample can), $1.00 per quart. TERRA COTTA GRASS GROWING HEADS Heads should be soaked in water for 24 hours; also soak seed in separate dish over night. Fill the head with water and spread the seed very thic’ ly all over head. Keep head filled with water at all times. In warm temperature seed may ap- pear to be dry. if so, spray lightly with using care not to wash seed off head. Keep in a saucer to protect the furniture. We can supply ‘ Sunny Jim." with seed, per doz., $3.00, pac â ed 21 to a carton at $5.80 per carton. Retail at 40c each. We can also supply the larger heads. "Buddy" with seed at doz., $3.85; per carton of 24, $7.20. Retail at 50c. Happiness Vase (Blue) Packed 12 to a corru- gated sliipping carton, one each in a paper car- ton. $2.25 per doz.. f.o.b. Chicago. HYACINTH GLASSES. In Amber. Green. Ruby and Crystal. $3 00 per doz., 3 doz., .$8.25.

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