For life in the suburbs there is 1 obsession that is synonymous with the weekly choirs of proudly owning a home, which is cutting the lawn. Life in suburbia might not exactly be like the tune “pleasant valley Sunday” but there is one thing that is precise in its portrayal of “status symbol land” which is the relationship between a man and his lawn. For over a century the typical push lawn mower has been the pre-emanate tool for maintenance the lawns of America pristine and showpiece fresh. The greatest detail about these mowers is no matter what your tastes in walk behind mower is be it electric, gasoline or manual, you can be sure that a walk behind will give a wonderful looking cut each occasion and with no much fuss.

There is no better way to make sure you get a clean close mow than to use a walk behind. These mowers present you the ability to tend to the garden on hands on level and to get the sort of results that you want. They are straightforward to operate and are great for individuals who are looking to get a little extra exercise in their life.

The Walk Behind mower has experienced a lot of transformations during its one hundred plus years of evolution. First there was the invention of the gasoline driven walk behind mower, then the electric corded push mower, then the battery powered walk behind mower and most in recent times the solar powered walk behind mower. All of the mowers have the pluses along with minuses as well as a large following of fans.

There is a debate that has raged on for decades as to which type of mower is the best. This debate has observed all sides express in their view as to what mower does the top job. No matter if you are a gasoline powered fan or a more environmentally friendly fan, the overall belief is that each one of these mowers has advantages as well as drawbacks. In the end, it all a matter of choice as to what kind to use.

Gasoline mowers are the traditional choice but they have their main drawbacks as well, obviously they are capable to handle the whole lawn and then come with a full tank, but you have to think about what the cost of a full tank actually is. The price of fuel is going up every day and you have to take into account the environmental impact of hundreds of thousands of gasoline powered mowers around the country every weekend. The mowers are very low maintenance though they do a great job of getting through the undergrowth and heavy growth with ease.

Gas mowers offer a lot of power, but as we all well be aware of they also provide a great deal of noise and a lot of gasoline fumes. The pluses of these mowers are offset by their main drawback, the price of the fuel required to power them. Petrol costs keep going up. More and more the cost of gas is increasing which makes there small engine mowers more inconvenient to use.

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Image from page 24 of “Mid-summer catalogue : 1896, for summer planting, pot grown strawberry plants, cabbage & cauliflower plants, celery and other vegetable plants, for summer sowing, vegetable seeds, turnips, ruta baga, mangel and farm seeds, lawn esse
Identifier: midsummercatalog18pete_0
Title: Mid-summer catalogue : 1896, for summer planting, pot grown strawberry plants, cabbage & cauliflower plants, celery and other vegetable plants, for summer sowing, vegetable seeds, turnips, ruta baga, mangel and farm seeds, lawn essentials, insecticides, fungicides and implements for applying
Year: 1896 (1890s)
Authors: Peter Henderson & Co Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Seed industry and trade Catalogs Vegetables Seeds Catalogs Fruit Seeds Catalogs Celery Seeds Catalogs Cauliflower Seeds Catalogs Cabbage Seeds Catalogs Strawberries Seeds Catalogs Fertilizers Catalogs Insecticides Catalogs
Publisher: New York : Peter Henderson & Co.
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liquid – – – – •* 4^0 Hendersons Model Hand Lawn Sweeper. Designed for use on lawns, small parks, tennis courts, etc. The brushrevolves very rapidly, throwing the litter backward from its under sur-face. Immediatelv behind the brush, and parallel with it. a thin shoepasses along over the ground, with its upper surface inclined. The operation involves the principle of dust-pan and broom. In ad-dition to this, the revolving brush creates a strong current of a:rblows the litter back into the rear of the hopper. If si nes or leaves are encountered, the shoe does not allow them to pass under it,but provides a passage over it into the hopper. The revolving brush is pressed against the ground, allowing the machineto be used on clipped and undipped lawns, over rough or smooth ground.The machine does nice, clean work. It does not tear the sod nor d:_- upthe earth like a rake, but leaves the grass clean and velve ty. The hoppercan be dumped or taken out and emptied. Itto go over alarge lawn.

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HENDERSONS MODEL HAND LAWN MOWER. The machine weighs 28 pounds, is 25 inches wide, 21-inch brush, Price, $ 1 2 OO. Horse Lawn Sweeper. A revolving brush in front sweeps the sod clean and throws the sweepingsbackward into a large box in the rear. This box can be dumped without stop-ping. Sweeps 40 inches wide. The sweeper gives you a perfect lawn as soon as the sweeping is finished in-stead of looking gray for several days owing to the withered cut grass. If the sweeper and lawn mower are run in opposite directions, the lawn willbe the same shade of color all over. Price, $70.00 The Planet Jr. Lawn and Turf Edger. This little tools trims the turf around the edges of the flower Deds, walks,roads, etc., the revolving cutter does perfect work, either on a curved or straightborder, edging accurately at just the correct angle, and at the speed of a milean hour, while the hoe cleans the bottom of walk. The hoe can be removed ifdesired. It is invaluable in giving a finished appearance to the

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