To ensure that your lawn mower looks and performs its best for as long as possible, there are a number of strategies to follow. These tips will help keep the lawn mower in top shape, especially if it is a larger riding mower that can take in more grass at once. Using fresh gas is essential, for example. Without fresh gas, corrosion or other damage could occur in the engine. You can fill up the engine according to the manufacturer’s directions, which may involve the use of a lawn mower jack depending on where the engine is located.

Draining the engine oil and replacing it with clean oil is another factor in keeping your lawn mower running at its peak performance levels. Replace any spare parts such as the spark plug every so often. A good rule of thumb is to give your mower an overhaul after every 100 hours of operation, to keep all the parts in working order. You do not need to have this professionally done if you have the parts and a lawn mower jack to lift up the vehicle and perform engine work underneath.

The mower’s blades are what allow it to perform its main function, which is not to simply move around on a lawn, but to trim the grass. Every so often, you must sharpen the blades so that they are able to trim grass effectively. This will also require the use of a lawn mower jack, so that you have access to these blades. To check that they are balanced, there are several tactics that you can use. Unbalanced blades will leave an unbalanced cut on the lawn, which is unacceptable if you are using your mower in a business capacity. Sharpening the blades can help restore this balance.

You may also need to change the tires of your mower from time to time, due to regular wear and tear. If you run over a sharp stick or other odd object in the grass, this could leave a puncture in the tire. In this case, you will not need to change the whole tire, but will use a plug and a lawn mower jack to repair the hole.

Lawn mower jack lifts come in different sizes. To determine the model you need, measure the front wheels of your lawn tractor from the inside of the front tire to the inside of the other front tire. Standard lawn more jacks lift approximately 300lbs up 24 inches and fit virtually every mower with an outside front wheel measurement of 35.5 inches to 47.5 inches. These mower jacks allow lawn mower owners the ability to safely and efficiently change mower blades and perform routine maintenance. In addition, they can easily raise the mower with one hand or a power drill, and the jack folds flat to just six inches for easy storage.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind. For more serious problems that could arise with the frequent use of your lawn mower, you may need to take it in to a professional repair shop.

Our lawn mower jack is adjustable to fit virtually any size of lawn tractor, stand up mower or riding mower.  It also is able to work with Zero Turning Radius models.

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How To Dismount And Mount lawn Mower Tire With Hand Tools

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This video explains the process I use to change a lawn mower tire with a couple of pry bars. I am demonstrating on My Cub Cadet RZT 50 front castor tire. It is a struggle to do it this way, I have only done three of these and do not have a systematic way of doing this, YET. I will post other videos of different and more efficient ways of changing these tires. I hope this video helps you out on your task. This video is a tutorial on how I do this task for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for watching and Please comment below.

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