Electrical problems are the most common ones that we see in repair shops. Skilled small engine specialists frequently have difficulties when they are face with such problems. These electrical problems are difficult to diagnose because factories teaches you voltage, when that is seldom the cause of the problem.

In most cases, the problem is with current flow. One fine such example is a starter motor that is not turning. In many cases, people purchase a brand new starter just because they happen to measure 12 volts with their VOM (Volt Ohm Meter) at the motor. Later on they are back at the shop claiming they have a new defective motor, because the new one is also reluctant to turn. Well, what is the problem if they indeed have 12 volts at the motor?

Current flow is similar to the water flow through a pipe. The battery is similar to the water pump pressing the water in the pipe (through the wire). Let’s consider the water wheel a starter motor. To make the wheel turn, it needs a specific amount of water. The water in the pipe can be measured in two ways, voltage (pressure) and current (Volume).

The pipe is designed to be able to deliver sufficient water (volume) to make the wheel turn when there is adequate pressure to drive it through the pipe. Now, place a cork with a tiny whole in it at the last part of the pipe. The measured pressure (voltage) will be the same, although the volume (current) of water passing through the cork is insufficient to make the wheel turn.

Let’s return to the starter motor. Our VOM measures 12 volts at the motor but because of loose connections (for instance resistance, similar to the cork in the above example) or corrosion the current flow is not enough to turn the motor. In several cases, the problem is at return path to the battery and not with the delivery of current to the starter motor.

A faulty engine ground for instance. When you are looking for the cause of a certain electrical problem, it is recommended to use the ground of the machine you are testing for your VOM as well.

The above mentioned tips can be successfully applied to virtually any electrical devices. In 90% of the cases the problem is with a corroded or loose connection. Keep in mind the current flow and you will be able to repair most electrical problems you face.

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Atco Motor Mower ad, 1922
Atco Motor Mower ad, 1922 – Woman in dress pushing a motorized lawn mower. Vintage 1920s Ads from The Sphere Royal Marriage Number, honoring wedding of Princess Mary & Viscount Lascelles, 1922.
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How to make a mini DIY LAWN MOWER / Tutorial

In today’s video I am going to show how to make mini DIY lawn mower.
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In my case it is an upgraded version of a lawn mower with a power bank, rotation speed regulating unit, etc. In case if you can’t buy all of that, you just could make the same lawn mower with a speed rotation regulating unit and a power bank. You need to find a motor and a power supply unit)) Guys and girls, I hope you will like the idea and will repost the share the video. I hope it won’t be much of a bother! Good luck to everyone! Have a good mood because it is summer!!)) Hurrah!!)
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