Finding a lawn mower blade sharpener is the easy part. The hard part is figuring out which one is the best one and trying to figure out what the difference is between all of them. This article is going to explain the various types of sharpening tools to help you better understand what you are looking for.

The first lawn mower blade sharpener we are going to discuss is actually an attachment for a dremel tool. This small device attaches to a dremel and when the dremel is turned on it spins quickly with an abrasive end that sharpens the blades of a lawn mower.

This attachment is fairly inexpensive and can be ideal for frequent sharpening. If the blade is extremely dull it is best to not use a dremel attachment. Typically you can find this attachment for a dremel for under $ 10 both online and in retail stores.

The next sharpener we would like to discuss is the attachment for an electric drill. Again, just like the dremel attachment, this is an attachment that goes on a drill like a drill bit. It is simple to put on and just as easy to use. You can easily find these for between $ 2-4 online and at your local home improvement store.

For something with a little more power you might want to look into the blade grinders. These are larger tools that cost anywhere from $ 100-400 and up. The price varies depending on the manufacturer and the size you are looking for. These are actual machines and not attachments, which is why the cost is much higher than the attachments.

Finally, we are going to discuss the metal file for sharpening blades. These are fairly inexpensive and can last several years is properly stored. They vary in price, however the good ones cost between $ 10-20 at any home improvement store both online and off line. A handheld file allows you more control over the sharpening as you can see what you are doing easier. In many cases, it is recommended that a beginner should use a handheld metal lawn mower blade sharpener.

Individual experience should play a role in your decision on which lawn mower blade sharpener you purchase. If you new to sharpening your own lawn mower blades, it might be in your best interest to start off with a metal file and work your way up to a faster method once you get the hang of it. In any case, make sure you always wear protective eye gear when you are sharpening your lawn mower blade.

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