What we mean by free, is that you do NOT have to pay us to list here if you offer your services to a certain geographical location, you can easily set this up as follows.

Lawn Care Services by USA Garden Care

Ability of having geolocation for your own products or SERVICES! Yes, you may charge services on USA Garden Care, we’re not just about selling products. You’ll be able to do so much more within our system, see below…

Setting up for any lawn maintenance / care services you may provide for small, medium, large and very large properties.

Step One – Setup Variation Types:

Setup Variations

Example above: Setup Variation Types within the backend. This is up to you on how you would like to sell variable types of services/products.

Step Two – Import attributes as variations:

Example Above: Once you have your variations setup under the Attributes area. You can then import them into the “Variations” by selecting “Create variations from all attributes” and pressing Go…

Step Three – Add product types, descriptions, and etc to each variation type.

Example above: You can setup now the pricing, image(s), pricing, and etc within here.

Step Four – Done.

Now since this is a simple process, we don’t charge any fees to signup, no monthly fees, only 5% on the end of a purchase. We are here to help you get greater exposure, please read more here on our “Why Selling on USA Garden Care