The operating principle of the zero-turn lawn mowers is similar to that of any other lawn mower, the only difference being the term zero-turn. While the conventional lawn mowers have a definite turning radius, the zero-turn lawn mowers have a turning radius of zero which essentially means that from a standing position, the mower can be oriented in any direction. The models which are available in the market now have four wheels – two movable front tires and two larger drive wheels.

Maneuverability with these types of lawn mowers has to be seen to be believed. Their ability to navigate garden obstacles makes mowing the lawn much quicker and easier than on a regular ride-on. Being able to control the individual speed of the rear wheels makes cutting around tight corners a breeze.

Zero radius lawn mowers are available in a range of different sizes to fit the lawn area you’re looking to maintain. They also come in a range of fuel options – some being greener than others.

Propane Powered: Due to propane’s environment-friendly nature, mowers powered by this fuel are much sought after, compared to other gas powered and diesel powered models. It has been estimated that the number of propane powered mowers beats the number of other fuel-powered models by at least 2 to 1.

Operating in a similar manner to a shopping trolley, the front wheel move freely – allowing the rear wheels to do the steering and propel the mower. Front wheel drive systems are available – but operate much in the same way (just in reverse).

The more expensive super heavy duty version are built primarily for golf courses and city councils who need to mow large areas of grass. These are understandably much more expensive than the small domestic models.

Reliability: The quality of parts used for manufacturing zero-turn lawn mowers is better than that of normal lawn mowers, thus ensuring lesser maintenance schedules and lower downtime.

If you’re used to a regular ride-on, then jumping on a zero-turn is going to be like getting into a Porche – it’ll be hard to go back! If you can afford the higher price point – then it’s well worth investing in one of these fantastic lawn maintenance machines.

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Toasted Stihl
Zero turn eXmark mower catches fire while sitting on the trailer and poof! 3 lawn mowers burn up, string trimmers included (pictured), together with all those rubber tires that shoot dirty black smoke into the sky. At least it wasn’t my mower that burned up! :-))
By Bailiwick Studios on 2014-09-05 10:05:47
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Thoughts on Buying a Zero Turn Mower for Lawn Business or Personal

Buying a zero turn mower can be great but it can be difficult to decide which brand mower. This video gives some insight to help you in making a decision on which mower to buy for a homeowner or lawn business owner.

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