Landscaping is a great way to improve the appearance of your yard, and landscape tools are essential for any landscaping project. There are many tools out there, some made for one specific job. The best thing you can do is to purchase a basic group of tools that you can multi-task with, and add specialized tools one at a time as you need them. The basic group of tools is listed below.

The shovel is the first group of tools.

Group 2 is the rake

The third tool group is the pruner, shear or lopper.

The wheel barrel or garden cart is the fourth group of tools.

The first tool group is the shovel, which is a flattened piece of metal attached to a handle. The main use for a shovel is to move material from place to place. There are many different variations of the shovel. The main types are the rounded or pointed tip shovel. This type digs into material well, and is perfect for digging holes in the ground. The second type is the flat shovel. This one has a wider surface area, and is perfect for scooping from rock or gravel piles. The last shovel is the narrow shovel. These are perfect for digging in tight quarters or for making small holes in the ground.

Group 2 is the rake. It has a long handle with the rake head attached. Two main types are commonly seen, the leaf rake and bow rake. The leaf rake has thinner prongs. These pick up leaves and lighter material, but do not damage the ground below. The bow rake is heavier and sturdier, meant for moving heavy items like rocks and gravel.

The third tool group is the pruner, shear or lopper. These cut, trim and clip things to size. Small pruners cut through small, but tough, material. Long grass shears are used to trim materials such as tall grasses or shrubs. Loppers are powerful tools used to cut through thick and tough material such as tree limbs.

Group 4 is the garden cart or wheel barrel. These tools are essential for moving bulky or heavy materials around. The main difference is that garden carts have two wheels and wheel barrels one. Garden carts have lower maneuverability, but great stability. Wheel barrels are the opposite, with higher maneuverability and lower stability.

These landscape tools will enable you to complete your landscaping projects successfully. Regardless of what you need to do, there are tools that can help you complete your work.

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