Landscape gardening connotes the special decoration of the outdoor space at home so as to meet particular style characteristics. The idea came into usage throughout the 19th century when increasingly more folks started cutting their gardens in very trendy styles. People know landscaping under the name of English Gardens, because the English were the first to impose the trend. Most property owners will try do-it-yourself choices, though others will employ expert creative designers to create some fanciful decoration.

Landscape gardening is performed by cutting the lawn and also the bushes in a distinct way determined by your style. Then, the flower placements, the presence of water features with water statues or rocks, small bridges and special lighting systems contribute to the creative effect unique to landscape gardening. With a bit of effort and some investments you may also preserve exactly the same colors throughout the year by planting new flowers every season.

The flowers, bushes and trees play a major part in landscape gardening. The most daring of effects can be accomplished by working on these components. The flower placements within the beds often follow complementing color lines, while sometimes, mono-color layouts are desired. This takes time, effort and a lot of hard work. Sand, gravel, river rocks and even carved wood make great matches in landscape gardening as well, but every artistic detail has to be exploited at the maximum.

Your garden will appear different at day and at night. And the outside lighting system plays a role in the alterations and the look of the garden immensely. Everything falls into shadow at night, but with lamps put into strategic places, it is possible to obtain some things of incredible attractiveness. For instance, small lamps along the alley will be enough that will help you find the way, while leaving the mystery of the garden unspoiled.

The choice of the furniture, the porch or the gazebo further contribute to the influence of landscape gardening. It is essential to adapt all these components to the features of the house, the size of your garden and the overall decor. The primary purpose of landscape gardening should be that of bettering the atmosphere as showing off is so very futile. Personal satisfaction and comfort certainly come first here!

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Amber Waves
At Burke’s Garden, Virginia
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