Bird watching is a popular hobby and not many people can afford to frequently pursue this hobby in the wild or on a holiday, so they have to resort to what they have: their own backyards. The wonderful thing, however, is that you can now make a mini nature reserve out of your own garden if you plan your design carefully and incorporate elements into your design that will attract a large array of wildlife and bird species. Different types of birds are attracted to different seeds and colours, while others would just like a place to cool off during summer – the trick is to give the birds what they want and soon they will be “knocking” on your door.

The use of acorns can, for example, attract jays, quails and even woodpeckers. You can incorporate acorns into your landscape design by making an acorn pathway. This will not only attract wildlife, but also will provide a creative alternative to the usual stone or brick walkway. If you make use of millet, you will soon see doves, sparrows and finches. Willows are beautiful in any garden and can make the garden look extremely full and natural. These willows will also ultimately help you attract grosbeaks and redpolls. Another trick that is quite successful in attracting birds, such as ravens and bluebirds, is the use of solidified bacon fat along with other seeds. Put seeds in a tube feeder to make sure you do not waste seeds. You can also incorporate an anthill into your garden to ultimately bring in birds that like insects. Anthills can be great features in backyards.

Hummingbirds and orioles are drawn to aloes, while amaranth attracts juncos and tree sparrows. Bluebirds, catbirds, great crested flycatchers, jays, mockingbirds, tanagers, thrashers, thrushes, and waxwings prefer berries that can make an attractive addition to any yard. Both humans and birds like berries, especially ripening blackberries. The ideal period to offer these in your feeder is when they cannot be found anywhere else: for example, in winter, there is a demand greater than the supply. Strawberries will attract catbirds, crows, quails, robins, and sparrows while raspberries will draw bluebirds, orioles, pigeons, titmice, and waxwings.If you want to draw in cardinals, grosbeaks, nuthatches, or titmice, sunflowers will be very beneficial.

Make your landscape “bird family friendly” by adding water and food sources, as well as many nooks and crannies for making nests. This will make your garden a haven for these birds and they will not mind bringing their families and other birds to you. However, then you should take care not to let your cats or any other threats near these areas. Birdbaths are practically prerequisites when you want to attract birds to your landscape, because this provides them with something to drink, as well as a place to cool off in summer. Birdbaths are made of rock or stone and can be artworks in themselves. You can slowly teach these birds to even feed out of your very hand!

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The Trailfinders Australian Garden presented by Fleming’s at Chelsea 2012
Designer: Jason Hodges
By La Citta Vita on 2012-01-07 10:13:51
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small backyard landscaping ideas
backyard garden design ideas 2017
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