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Marchants – A Gorgeous Garden Landscape
The Garden at Marchants is in Laughton, East Sussex. Explore #468 September 29th

It is not large but it is well designed and diversely planted and has gained much recognition over the years, having appeared in all major periodicals and papers as well as on television in the BBC’s "Flying Gardener" series. Their location is extraordinary with terrific views of the South Downs. With their view comes wind. And what wind! Together with their stodgy brick making clay they doggedly battle on. Mind you, they are constantly surprised by how their plants cope with such conditions so they can confidently predict, what grows well for them will almost certainly grow for you.

Their main garden and spring garden with their curving pathways and borders have been created in response to the landscape beyond. Combining colour, form and texture of plants in a sensitive design they have aimed to create a garden that is homogenous in its effect and satisfying to the eye and with a broadly contemporary feel. Seasonal interest begins in late winter with the flowering of their Snowdrops closely followed by hellebores, lungworts, etc. The fullness of summer is eclipsed in the autumn with the flowering culmination of their handsome grasses and late perennials in a diverse and extraordinarily rich tapestry.

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