For many, the frustration happens every year. It’s time to mow the grass, but your old lawn mower won’t start, shuts down, or just makes it a miserable chore. So finally you decide it’s time to get a new one. But choosing a lawn mower is not as easy as it seems.

There are a lot of choices you’ll have to make, but start by looking at these three important factors. How big is your yard and what is the terrain like? What features do you want and do you really need them? What type of engine will your yard require?

The size of your yard will tell you if you need a riding mower, or if a walk behind will do. If your yard is less than 3/4 of an acre, a walk behind is probably OK. Walk behind mowers are the most popular. Now let’s look at features. If your yard is small and doesn’t have a lot of hills, you probably won’t need too many extra features. One you should seriously consider is a self propelled mower, especially if your yard is over 1/2 acre. These make mowing easy because the push forward on their own. Your job becomes walking behind the mower and guiding it in the right direction.

Now you need to look at the mower deck and the engine power. A wider deck means you cut more grass at one time. The result is fewer trips across the yard. If you add a powerful motor into the mix, mowing will become even faster and easier. But don’t get too caught up in getting more power and a wider deck then you need. You’ll basically be spending more money for nothing if you don’t match the mower with the yard.

The terrain and slope of the yard should also determine what size your rear wheels should be. Generally standard size wheels are OK. But on a hilly yard, getting a mower with larger wheels will make mowing easier.

If your yard is over 3/4 of an acre you’ll want to think seriously about a riding mower. Once again the deck size and engine power will need to be considered and the same rules apply. A large engine and wide deck makes sense if you need to mow several acres. But don’t waste money by getting more than you need.

One of the more popular features on riding lawn mowers is the zero turn radius. If your yard has lots of landscape features like trees and bushes, then this is a great option to have. Essentially these mowers let you cut in a complete tight circle, without leaving any uncut space in the middle. You can see how this would make going around trees much easier. But if you don’t have a lot of landscaping in your yard, then this feature becomes unnecessary. Save your money.

The last big decision to make is if you want a mulching lawn mower. These mowers will use specially designed blades to continually chop up the grass into very small fragments. These are returned to the soil where they will provide a natural fertilizer when they decompose. If you don’t want to mulch, you’ll need to bag the grass. This means catching the clippings and throwing them out.

Those are the basics. Other options include both corded and uncorded electric mowers, solar mowers, and even robotic mowers. But if you answer the basic questions first, then choosing a lawn mower will become much easier when you visit the dealer or look online.

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