Maintaining a lawn area requires some effort to stay beautiful. The grass and other plants must be kept in their proper lengths and uniformity to retain its glory. But cutting the grass manually may take most of your time and you may not achieve the look that you want. That is why you need to invest in a machine that is specially designed for these kinds of jobs such as lawn tractors and lawn mowers.

In order to understand things better, it is best to identify first what is the difference between a lawn mower and a lawn tractor. According to some best lawn tractor reviews, people often mistakenly identify lawn mower to a lawn tractor in vice versa. Although both have the same function, lawn mowers and tractors can be identified by looking at their engines. A lawn tractor’s engine is located in front of the machine while a lawn mower has its engine at the back.

There are many types of gardening machines in the market. They all come in different types, size, functions and brands which make it hard to find the right tool for your area.

According to best lawn tractor reviews, it is best to identify and understand first the need of the area that needs to be done. Because of the wide array of choices, selecting the right machine would be very tricky. And since these machines are quite expensive, it is better to make the right choice so you can maximize its use.

Lawn mowers can be categorized into two basic groups. The best lawn tractor reviews named them as the gas powered and electric mowers. Most rotary push mowers have internal combustion engines. These types of engines are mostly four-stroke cycle while the older models have two-stroke engines. Running these types of engines requires liquid fuels such as gasoline. Gasoline-powered mowers needed a manual pull crank to start. Gas-powered mowers are great for large areas and can produce more power than their electric counterparts. But just like any other gasoline operated machine, gasoline by-product is considered a pollutant. Gas-operated mowers require regular maintenance like replacements on some parts such air filters and spark plugs as well as regular cleaning.

The second type is the electric mowers. Electric lawn mowers are subdivided into two groups: the cordless and corded models. Electric-powered lawn mowers are favored by users because it performs quietly compared to the other group.

Corded electric mowers are recommended for tending smaller areas. The machine needs to be plugged in order to perform so the areas that can be covered is very limited. A risk of accidentally mowing over the cable is high when you are using the corded type.

Cordless electric mower is considered the best-of-both worlds. It can perform like the gasoline-powered mowers in terms of maneuverability and also environment-friendly like the corded mowers. The machine uses rechargeable batteries to run. These batteries are placed either on the interior or exterior of the machine depending on the model. But cordless mowers are more expensive than the other types and come in fewer models.

Getting a lawn machine is expensive. So before you shell-out your hard-earned cash, it is better to look for best lawn tractors reviews that will help you decide which will work best on your area and avoid having regrets of getting the wrong the machine.

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Image from page 51 of “Bolgiano’s spring 1968” (1968)
Title: Bolgiano’s spring 1968
Identifier: bolgianosspring119fwbo_2
Year: 1968 (1960s)
Authors: F. W. Bolgiano & Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nurseries (Horticulture) Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants) Catalogs; Seeds Catalogs; Vegetables Catalogs; Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs
Publisher: Washington, D. C. : F. W. Bolgiano
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
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Bolens Tractors for Better Results with Less Labor BOLENS GARDEN TRACTORS A rugged, compact and extremely flexible service unit. A great model to meet all requirements for light farming, commercial grow- ing, lawn and garden care, snow plowing and "odd-job" service like weed cutting, hauling or providing auxiliary power. There’s a BOLENS Tractor for every property … a "packaged implement" for every job. MODEL 915 LAWN KEEPER 6h Amaixng 16-incb turning radius. Bolens Lawn Keeper, the only riding mower with tenter-pivot steering and up-front seat- ing, is the ideal mower for those close-in, %et spacious, mowing jobs. The Lawn Keeper features center-pivot steering and up-front seating for the most precise maneuverability offered in any riding mower. With center-pivot steering, the Lawn Keeper actually forms a partial circle with rear wheels following front wheels—absolutely no scuffing on the turns. Two speed ranges, forward and reverse up to 3 m.p.h. Snow blade, utility cart and lawn roller available. Model 915. S436.00. 32-in. Mower, S128.00. 3e-in. Snow Plow. S37.50. 81/4 H. P. HUSKY 850 Here is the lawn and garden tractor that is a real "power package"—big tractor power with big tractor performance—at a small tractor price. Whether garden and lawn care is a hobby or a "must," the Husky 850 is the ideal unit to make it a pleasure. Its compact styling, handy controls, and exclusive Husky "Fast-Switch" system of coupling and uncoupling attachments, make it fun to work with. If you want more leisure time, the Husky is your answer. Every job—lawn mowing, tilling, hauling, grading, snow removal—is done with speed and efficiency . . . and comfort. In fact, it’s so safe and easy to operate that even youngsters and gals like to handle the Husky 850 just for the fun of it. Fea- ture for feature, horsepower for horsepower, you just can’t buy a better tractor than the Husky 850—a standout for any and all lawn garden work. Tractor $830.50 with Electric Starter Attachment; 22-in. Rotary Tiller S167.00; Plow S78.45; Cul- tivator S73.45; Disc Harrow S67.45; Three Gang Lawn Mower $310.00; Snow Plow $75.00; 38-in. Rotary Mower $148.95. Other attachments available. All f.o.b. Washington, D. C.

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5 H. P. SUPER MUSTANG TILLER One lever shifting from for- ward to reverse. Camshaft re- verse means easy handling—no twisted belts. Direct drive from engine to gear case. Rugged, long-lasting rotor tines are un- conditionally guaranteed against breakage for the life of the tiller. Super Mustang Model 2103. 5 H.P. $194.50. Mustang Model 2045. 3}4 H.P.S147.95. r^ 5 H.P. Super Mustang Tiller

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RYOBI RM480E Electric Riding Mower – In Action

We finally have some grass and get to see this mower in action. Surprisingly it does awesome through deep grass!
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