There are four main benefits of using a petrol lawnmower in the garden. The first of these is the fact that with a petrol model, you do not have to be concerned about the possibility of cutting through an electric cable whilst cutting the grass. This also means that no matter how large the garden or how inaccessible, you will always be able to get all the grass cut that needs to be cut without worrying whether the extension cable is long enough and you will not have the problem of trying to manage the large length of cord that will be trailing round your garden whilst you are mowing.

The fact that a petrol lawnmower is more powerful than an electric one is the second benefit for most people who choose to use them for their reliability and durability. This makes them the first choice for those who earn their living from gardening and who need a really reliable work horse. Petrol mowers may be called by a different name in your country, for example in the US, they are referred to as ‘gas powered’ or ‘gas’ – they usually have a two-stroke engine that runs on a mixture of fuel and oil. These small engines have a lot of power. The usual starting mechanism is by means of a cord that you pull hard to turn the engine over. For many ladies and older people, this can be quite difficult so it is good to know that many models now have a key start so it is as easy as starting your car.

The third advantage of petrol mowers is the sheer volume of models available in all three categories of mower and the top name manufacturers are brands you can trust. Rotary mowers probably make up the majority of mowers sold as they are the ones most suitable for most domestic situations where the grass is a recreational rather than a showpiece area. Rotary mowers can be either the hover type, running on a cushion of air or a conventional, wheeled mower.

Cylinder mowers are often called reel mowers and these models make up the second group of mowers available. These machines are the choice of groundsmen and green keepers because they make such a perfect job on lawns that do not get heavy use and can be mown very short. They are also the type that produce that wonderful striped finish when a heavy roller is fitted behind the cutting blades. The third group of mowers comprises the various riding mowers. There are compact mowers for small gardens where the operator may find it difficult to use a push mower, ride on mowers for gardens of up to half an acre and lawn tractors where an even larger area of grass needs to be cut.

The fourth benefit for me, is the range of accessories now available for petrol lawnmowers. Grass boxes that enable you to collect the grass cuttings for composting are available in large capacity sizes to ensure that you do not have to stop mowing too often to empty the box – on some of the lawn tractor models, the box can be emptied whilst you are still in the driving seat by just flicking a switch! Mulching is a popular way of returning goodness to your lawn each time you mow and mulching attachments are very popular. For those of us who like to collect some grass and mulch at other times, there are mowers that will enable you to do both – sometimes at the same time!

I have highlighted four key points which I believe, demonstrate the great advantages of choosing a petrol lawnmower. It is certain that the petrol machines are the choice of gardeners who do this sort of work for a living either by providing gardening services or by working as a professional green keeper. There are so many excellent models to choose from, you are sure to be able to find exactly the right one for your garden.

If you are thinking of buying a lawn mower, The Petrol Lawnmower Guide, will explain why the rotating blades of a rotary mower make this type perfect for a family garden.

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By EthelRedThePetrolHead on 2011-02-26 15:28:26
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