Summer time is lawnmowing time and each year in gardens all over the country, accidents with lawnmowers happen to young children. In America alone, the number of children under 19 who are injured each year is reckoned to be about 20,000. So if you have an electric powered or a petrol lawnmower, following some basic safety rules could prevent a child in your family adding to these statistics

I have provided some safety tips which I hope will be helpful and which could perhaps avoid a child in your family being injured in a lawnmower accident. It seems that the most serious accidents happen with the riding mowers or lawn tractors as they are sometimes called and these are usually a petrol lawnmower. You should still take great care with the walk behind mowers though as many accidents happen with these too.

Make sure that there is nothing on the lawn that could get caught in the mower blades. Any bits of stone, gravel, twig or even toys should be removed as if they get caught up in the very high speed rotation of the blades, they will be flung out with tremendous force that can cause a very nasty injury, particularly to the face and eyes.

Although children love to help in the garden, the recommendation is that children under 12 should not operate any sort of mower and should be at least 16 before being allowed to drive a ride on mower.

A riding mower or lawn tractor must seem a fascinating toy to a small child and you will no doubt be pestered to allow him or her to ride on your lap, or to sit beside you when you mow. Please, do not give in to the pestering, the most terrible accidents that happen to children with lawnmowers, are those which occur when a child falls from a riding mower and under the cutting blades. The consequences do not bear thinking about.

It is natural that children will want to be outside in the garden in the summer but if you can keep them and your dog or cat inside whilst you mow, you will able to be a little more relaxed knowing they are safely out of harm’s way. If they are going to be outside, make sure they are in another part of the garden and see if you can arrange for some supervision whilst you are working, as you can never be sure that they will stay where you put them!

Try to make sure that the mower you purchase has the sort of handle that, when released, stops the mower from moving forward. You should never drive a mower backwards but if you cannot avoid it, exercise extreme care.

Powered mowers are a wonderful time-saver but whether you have an electric or a petrol lawnmower, they attract children like a magnet. I hope that the tips I have provided will help to keep children safe in your garden.

If you want more information about a petrol lawnmower, The Petrol Lawnmower Guide is a complete guide to choosing and using a cylinder mower, a rotary mower or a ride on mower.

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