Manufacturing agriculture implements were what made the John Deere Company so popular. John Deere tractors are famous all over the world due to their quality ability to do agriculture work. The John Deere 2210 4WD compact tractor is the one we are going to learn more about in this article.

John Deere, The Company
John Deere first began as a one-man business in the first part of the nineteenth century. It has grown over the last 180 years to 47,000 employees and worldwide business and acclaim. John Deere is not only a tractor company, it also makes construction equipment, other agricultural equipment, and spare parts and power systems for its equipment.

John Deere became famous due to its bright green and yellow tractors and they are very popular with consumers. There are approximately 13 different series of John Deere tractors that range from 18 to 450 HP, which is why we are concentrating on one of the John Deere tractors for this article. This particular John Deere tractor that we chose to learn about is a small size tractor that would be perfect for a home gardener just like you.

John Deere 2210 4WD Compact Tractor

Basic Features: This John Deere tractor has several different features and has a 23HP liquid cooled engine. It is fueled by diesel and is very economical in its fuel usage. The engine is kept cool with the generous 5.5 gallon a minute coolant flow.

Added Features: This John Deere tractor includes 4-wheel drive and you can select whether you need 4 or 2-wheel drive for your particular use. You can even individually lock the wheels to help increase traction. When you need extra power for implements, you will find power take off points in the rear and middle of this John Deere tractor for maximum efficiency.

Comfortable to Drive: Hydraulic transmission will give you added smoothness in shifting gears on this John Deere tractor. Power steering helps you to change directions simply and easily and the Twin Touch

John Deere Factory
John Deere factory tour and testing in Augusta, Georgia.

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John Deere LA130 Riding Lawnmower Start Up, Engine and Full Tour

Lol first of all, I have never done anything like this at all but I thought this would be fun to make and I kinda always wanted to do it. I’m sure everyone who watches my channel will be like what the heck?! haha But this is my Dad’s John Deere LA130 Riding Lawnmower which had been sitting for about 3 months now. I give a full tour and start up of it and show some of the details. I also drive it around the yard. I know a lot of people like these videos and I had a couple of requests so I made this real quick. At the end I also start up the 1999 Lexus RX300 and give a preview of a 2003 Lexus GX470 that we got at the lot which I have a full start up and tour coming as well as a driving video. Enjoy everyone, rate, comment, subscribe =)