I can remember a time when all lawn mowers were of the push along type, they were hard work to use and believe me when I say that mowing your lawn was a real chore that could take up half your day. As technology has improved and the cost of equipment has come down, a powered lawn mower is now within the reach of virtually everyone; which is just as well because if your lawn is any size at all, a powered lawn mower is an essential piece of equipment to keep your yard looking great.

If your lawn is small or has many difficult obstacles to get round, then your choices are limited to a decent push along mower, or an electric hover mower. Both of these will do the job more than adequately, but on a very warm day you will build up a real sweat pushing your mower. The best option if you are in this situation is a small hover mower such as the Flymo in the UK or the Eastmans Hovermower in the US. They are relatively cheap to buy, very easy to use, and will work virtually anywhere on any type of terrain.

If you don’t like the sound of a hover mower, then your only option is a manual lawn mower. Get some help choosing a model you are comfortable with, from an expert at your local yard equipment store.

If your lawn is much larger and you have enough spare money to spend, you can buy yourself a really cool ride on lawn mower or garden tractor. This type of mower requires little or no physical exertions, is very easy to operate and will mow your lawn much quicker than any other type of machine. This type of mower is the Rolls Royce of the mowing world, and there is no cooler way to make your lawn look great.

Whatever the size of your lawn, you will need a grass trimmer to keep the edges of the lawn neat, and for cutting round fence posts, awkward obstacles, and trees. However expensive your ride on mower is, your lawn will look half finished unless you pay some attention to the edges as well. Grass trimmers are inexpensive pieces of equipment, easy to use, and are a good investment to give you that manicured professional look.

When you are buying a lawn mower of any description, I would always recommend finding yourself a reputable local dealer. Your dealer should be an expert on the equipment they sell which should give you the piece of mind to know that you’ve chosen as well as you could.

The Author’s website provides help and advice about choosing the best riding lawn mowers. Including:

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2nd life
These pretty shoes were not cheap. Should’ve bought some shares of that company a few years ago.
One of these got cut by the lawn mower or some other yard machine, so I turned them into little hanging planters. Saw it in a magazine. For $3.99 a magazine I should use some of the many project ideas I’ve read. I like this one and it’s better than seeing them go to waste on the shelf in the garage.
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Cheap Lawn Mower Striping Kit

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