There is nothing tastier than eating a bowl of salad with freshly picked herbs, garnished with a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. The idea of planting an herb fairy garden came to mind as I was snipping rosemary and thyme leaves to add to my meal. I started thinking, since fairies are nature lovers and easily attracted to the natural mixture of fragrances, these small herbal plants can make ideal miniscapes for fairy gardens.

The moment the herbal fairy garden idea came to mind, I felt very restless and immediately I wanted to start planting my miniature garden. This happens to me all the time when I dream of new ideas. I devote my entire free time to the task until I successfully finish it and display my creations to family and friends. They enjoy asking me about my latest project, while they learn tips about planning a miniature garden.

Many thoughts came to mind during the planning process. I feel that herbs grown in a fairy garden will invoke a sense of magic and whimsical charm. To make the garden a special place for the fairy folks, I added aromatic, tiny, herbal trees and shrubs in between the fairy accessories. In this secret hideaway spot, the fairies can relax on a bench while sipping a cup of tea or delight in playing in the garden with their friends. The only thing that kept on lingering in my mind was – whether to add plants from my existing herbal collection or buy new ones from the local greenhouse. Finally, I decided to combine some of the plants such as thyme, sage, and rosemary from my existing collection and include a few others like lavender, basil, and oregano purchased at the local garden store. This collection of herbs in the fairy garden filled my senses with the magic and whimsy I desired.

I really wanted to keep my fairy garden simple by dedicating a larger area for greenery and not adding clutter with too many decorations. Therefore, I selected a fairy house, stoned pathways, and a bistro table with chairs for my miniature accessories. Now that I have my plants and I decided on the accessories, I selected a colorful container and filled it with potting soil. It was time to plant and create a beautiful fairy landscape. To give the miniature garden a rich, green, cushioned look, I planted forest moss to cover the ground and provide the fairies with a soft walking surface.  As a final touch, I added scented blooms of purple lavender throughout the garden. Now, I am excited to display my herbal fairy garden at our family gathering to be held next week. My creation looks better than I ever imagined and I cannot wait to share it with everyone!

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40 Small Garden and Flower Design Ideas 2017 – Amazing Small garden house decoration Part.2

40 Small Garden and Flower Design Ideas 2017 – Amazing Small garden house decoration Part.2

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