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Stone Gardens Bellevue
Bellevue, WA

From Job Spotter 8 days ago

Watering the flowers and herbs every day, and they love it.

Tinny and Myst haven’t been digging at them at all. Which is almost as odd as Myst being my lapcat and Tinny being the bed pillow cat.

Strangeness all around, I guess.


An elegant solution to a problem that hits over 20 documents got rejected because we put WARNING before NOTES.

I need to rework the solution because there’s no easy way to do this in Confluence. (Madcap Flare would allow snippets and conditionals all day long.)

This is frustrating, like using Duplo Legos instead of the fancy ones.
By isfullofcrap on 2014-06-18 09:11:50