While you are planting the garden or landscaping your house exterior; there are many things, which you can install to make them look beautiful. One of the things that will add aesthetics to your garden is fencing panels. You can use different length of panels to boarder the garden so that the flower beds, the grass look good. There many options available when you choose to bring in the fences.

The most popular style of garden fencing panel is wooden. Among these timber fences are the picket fence style. This style has flat piece of wood with pointed triangular head. They are placed vertically along the fence with backboards place horizontally for styling and support. You may keep the gap between, same as the width of pickets. This is a classic fencing for flower beds. If you want it to boarder your house then you can keep them extremely close with an air gap. It will make house periphery strong and durable. The quintessential color of the picket is white. This will add simplicity and charm of classic English household. You may, though choose colors according to your taste.

When you move over to fencing, you have another area to look for. It is garden patio area. You do not want to have your afternoon tea with mud sticking to your shoes. Imagine, a lot of cleaning that has to be done, if the guest wants to take a tour inside the house. For this, you can have wooden decks that will keep the natural beauty of the garden intact. You can have a wooden canopy or simply a garden shade over it for lovely afternoons. Pressure treated decking is the best solution. They are strong and are durable; not to exaggerate but pressure treated decking can withstand harsh weather. Timber decks easily blend in and give a unique touch to the garden.

Another accessories or garden installation if that is what one may call, are pressure treated garden trellis. They are pressure treated garden fencing panels for a longer lifespan. Pressure treated garden trellis are ideal for decorative partial screening of patio area by placing vertically; you may also use them as a canopy or simply as fence panels for climbers. They look good both ways. Trellis and screenings are made of timber in a net like form framed with solid timber. They act as ornamental fencing.

Utilizing the combination of variety of fence panels, you can enhance the look of your garden or courtyard. Apart from the beauty, they provide sense of privacy and also acts as barriers for rodents to damage plants.

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