Irrespective of your level of expertise in the gardening field, an indoor gardening magazine can be an excellent source of useful information on indoor gardening. Whether you receive your copy in your inbox, postbox or just pick it up from the newsstand, indoor magazines are available to meet everyone’s specific needs. They are usually written, compiled and edited by gardening enthusiasts just like you who have immense love for plants and want to share their own and others precious knowledge through this convenient medium.

Readers of indoor gardening magazine can find useful information about various types of hanging baskets, pots and plants available in the market along with essential details like which ones are the best and which ones avoidable. There will also be reviews available for different types of gardening tools and containers and useful tips about their maintenance too.

In case a reader is inquisitive about the lighting issues, an indoor gardening magazine may have a column dedicated to lighting problems and how best to use natural sunlight to the best advantage of plants. One can even find useful information on other topics like fertilizers, air circulation, pot soil, watering and the hydroponics science. If the reader is facing huge challenges from plant diseases, insects and pests trying to cause significant harm to the garden, an indoor gardening magazine can provide practical solutions or can even direct to several other resources.

The indoor gardening magazines are usually full of illustrations to help the reader understand the plants better. They may normally carry high-quality illustrations ranging from the prized flowers, foliage plants to the plants that have been infected by diseases or have faced pest attack. This is to enable the reader to identify the problems as they happen or to even get encouraged by what great looks can be achieved for ones garden.

Not only does an indoor gardening magazine helps its readers by way of providing comprehensive information on the best methods to grow house plants, they also show the entire procedure with easily-understandable illustrations and text along with professional guidance on the lighting and positioning aspects. If dried floral arrangements are your favorite, some magazines focus on providing updated tips on preparing them comfortably.

Some of the indoor gardening magazines also host a forum that has ideas and suggestions contributed by many houseplant experts. This is especially beneficial to the millions of houseplant enthusiasts who are on the constant look out for updated information. The magazine may also carry articles on newly discovered hybrids, houseplant care or even about some rare species believed to be extinct but re-discovered somehow.

The letter to editor segment in the indoor gardening magazine normally comprises of letters from readers regarding suggestions, compliments, opinions, impressions or even constructive feedbacks and complaints. The announcements section as the name suggests announces upcoming flower shows, exhibitions and contests. There can be no better way for a gardening enthusiast to spend a relaxing afternoon surrounded by his prized looking plants and enriching himself with all the knowledge and buzz happening in the gardening world with the help of an indoor gardening magazine.

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1975 Jackson & Perkins Co. Garden Catalog, Roses ’76, Roses & Gardening
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Published in Family Circle, December 1975, Vol. 87 No. 6

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