Hunting these days has been considered as one of the most adventurous sporting events. There are several reasons for the purchase of hunting property :

Interest :

Personal interest in hunting is a reason many people purchase property. Hunting on weekends and holidays is a passionate hobby for many hunters. This passion has led individuals to purchase farm or hunting land for their own personal use.
Earning Profits :

This is the fact that everything has become commercial now. Most individuals purchase land for earning profits as well as for hunting. Actually, animals used for hunting also allow one to earn profits through their skin, bones etc. Therefore, profit earning is another incentive to purchase hunting land. Trees are also a useful part of the property to consider when looking for hunting land for sale. As the forests mature, they help individuals gain profit once sold.

Land for hunting can be purchased two ways – lease and outright.

Lease :

Since hunting is a hobby and sport pursued by all kinds of people, it is not necessary to own hunting property. There are many land property dealers available to help one get a lease, specifically on hunting land for sale. Rates depend on the size and location of the land. Hunting of different animals is possible on any size land, all which can be owned easily.

Outright :

There are many property dealers to help individuals in buying the ideal property. The more desirable and in demand a parcel of land, the more abundant the dealers. Additionally, purchased land allows hunters to vacation on their land as well as hunt. The price structure of land is variable, depending usually on the size of the land.

Leased land is usually more difficult to buy due to a higher interest rate. Therefore, outright purchase of land is considered a better financial investment than leased land.

Selection of animals :

Depending on the type of animal to be hunted, for example, deer, pheasant, elk or turkey, potential buyers should research regions where their game are naturally found.

Individuals can also use online services specifically for land sellers. Online services allow one to research different types of land in different locations and then select that which is best for them. Searching for hunting land for sale online can therefore be a profitable approach.

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Image from page 1048 of “Florists’ review [microform]” (1912)
Title: Florists’ review [microform]
Identifier: 5205536_48_3
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Subjects: Floriculture
Publisher: Chicago : Florists’ Pub. Co
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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Text Appearing Before Image:
The Florists’ Review Si:i’i i: MK’ l: 1 ■<- 1′:’- 1

Text Appearing After Image:
Kentia Seedlings Under Glass at Sierra Madre, Cal. r.t :i||i| i:i|l 1 llciV.iM- till’ -,-|||lr |il,illt^ ill 1 lie ^|ii’ipiL;.’ .ii iilliiT i II t'(irni:it inn iMI lllr -lllijiTt will Im :i|i|Hi’ci:it C’I. 11. !■:. w. . ^■. I’.ntli 111 llii’ i|Urs!l(ill^ .•!> l.-^.-ird-. tllr :;ri:i 11 ill III ii|;iiil iii:i In- .i ii^w rri’d In llic nllirin.-it ic iml ‘hr |il:iii;v must In’ ‘^ii’Il ;;iiiic| i-;iri’ In iilpl.iill llic lirst rr Willis. As n cultuv.-il liirt liiiil, tin’ riijldwin;; i’^ .i ;^ik)i| |i|.-in to tnlldw : Hc- iiiii (■ till- nitliiiys t’liiiii ilic |il:nits ;iny linn- nl’tcr Si’pt nii In i 1′. ‘I’Im’Ii nllow I lie |pI:mi1 ^ 1II rrinnin in t In’ tlc-M fur iilioiil till .hiv .it’tiT ill! iiillin^^ li:ii lirrll t.-lki’ll t 111 .:i 1 llr |il:illt ^, licllili lift in;; lllrlll Ifir imttlll^. I’n lint I’llt tin |.hiiil-. tiiii ^iiri-l v1h-ii itiimi I iiu ll" lilt t lli;^s. lull 111 till’ ^lll’liliis Udiiil ri’ iii.’iiii (in till’ |il.’Mit- iiiilil tlii’V li.’ii’ (‘(iiniiH’llciil 1(1 Inl’.r liHit In tin’ -nil .’ilti’l |i(ittili;;. TImii till’ ^liiiiit~ r;iii Kc trini iiii’il ‘i;irk 111 wlii’ir till’ ^riiwtli– .-ii’i lii’^^innlny In lii’r.-ik mit. Ii’:i vnn,! 11|.’ i.’intiiin iiiiivi 111′ t:iki n In ^u.ii’ij .•i;^;rm~t till’ |ilalll- liccnllli iil; Ii:ii|1′ lln/ili wliili’ ill till- lii’I’l. SniiM’ ^i’,i^nii> lic:i\ I’nivl– will i-niiii’ hiti’ In Si’|it I’ln I iiT .’iml :i;;:iili it iiiny lir l.-itr In Urinliri’ iMtUri W’l- ;;i’l :in I’rn-t tn iiijiiri’ lln’ |’l.’iiit~. lull 1 llU lllll–t 111′ t .’. <r[ I 111 II lull -iilcr.’it inn. lii’i-.’iii-.i’. wlnn tin- –lin-k |il:illls .’Ml’ .llliiWi’il tn l;i’I li.lillv ll’n/i’ll. till’ In– ill I In- -liniit – I rmi, iutt in;; ii ilnci’- lliili .iliii’ .I- ■■llltin^ lUiiiliiri’i-. 1 In lint 11-1 :in 1 t l-.’l llill -nil I’nr pnl lln:^. rt;ilil- :iliil In I’l’imt n- tlicv :^rnw .■iinl lici-ninc In ninii nt it. ‘I’licy will i-i'(|iiir(‘ yodil. Il’;lil (in.-ii-t cr^ in llm •I I’l’i’lllinll-r ilillilli; til.’ winter .’Ml’l will nrcil .’I t i’lii|ifr;it llic close to -"I’l ile^JTees .it nil limes. ‘I’lie wjiterinyof yjcrjiniunis iliiriiin- the winter inontlis is one ot’ the most import,’lilt |i:irts ot’ tiieir culture. ‘I’liey (|o lii’st wlii’ii ki’|it .’I little on ‘lie ijry siile, liotli ,’it the roots and in tlleir -iiriduiKJiuns. (‘.’ireless watc^rinff, to Ljetlier witli i|;imii, rinse (|uarters, is the |i|ill(‘i|i;il c’lll-e 111’ ;;er.’ill linn disease-. (‘lilt Inns c-in lie t.iki’ii I’rom the |)l;iiits ii|i In i”eliru.’iiy I ."i .’ind still there will lie lime tn nrnw the oriyiiial plaiil- Intn fine sjieiimen- ill lilnniii till’ sjiriii;^ -.’lie-. I )o lint ,’itlein|it tn take nittill^’^ .’liter the d.’lte nientinned .’Hid tlu’tl e |iei’t the cut li.’ick |ilants to make "ond iil.’int- in lilnnm t’nr s]iriiiL; -ales. |i i-.’illlint he dnlie. .I. I’. ASPARAGUS FOR MAY. Will ynu ;;ie nn- some in I’orm.’il inn .1- to how I iii.’iN’ ^rnw .-|i;irayus Spreii i^el’l I’nr alinut the tir-t week ill .I .’i .’ I h.’i e ;;rnw n it t ni -nine t inn’, Init I a III lint -.’it islled wit h t he i|Ualit . W’h.’it an,’ -hiiuld till’ id.’ints Im .ii thi- ‘1,’lti’.’ it. }{. Nell. I dn not know’ wh.’it -i/e of ]il,’inls vnii iji’-ire In sell. It is a–llliiei| tll.’lt ynli w.’iiit I inch -tock. In tliis ca-^e it would lie adisalile to snw the s I- nnw. ‘rili’ll ynil will lie -lii’e ot’ |il:ilit- of ■iiii|ile -i/i’. Siiwii ill .laiiii;iry. vmi ■inild ;;i’l nice ‘. iinli |iol-. llowi’i’j. tin I’.’ii’lier -nw II -tni’l; minht -nit xei; I’.’ltir. c. V. HOW A SIGN CAN TALK. I I ^ (I’l W I’l’i- tn ^o -| liii;; in ‘ .111’oiiKOiili ||{> (ii’.ind :i I’liiii’. ih.’il .-ni ‘ nmnt i I’ly |ili-ii’-t 111 SI , l.nill- : lln|-nlin|| I .’ires. .’Hid In hnld nlil ,inir-i’ I’.’i^l lie to ”Say It with I’lnwir-." .iiil as if |ir.’ict ii’inu what It lncess;nitl- lireacjle-. thi- -in|| -|ii’.’ll’:- elniinillt I ‘. fur o el’ It, alioiit it :i nd i n front nl it are iiies, |>laiits .ind lloweis. h’our l,’ir;;(‘ Nines, one on each side ;ind t v o in the center of the lar;,’e sinuho.’ird, susjienil 1 ileinseK (s from the t(i|i. while c.aniiiis and other |il;iiits Idnoni at tile li.’ise in front. Thi- sinn succrssfiiily leaches tlic worth nt’ llowiis. Inl’ many stoji in their swift cmir-e ii|i the avenue to ;;a/e at the nnii-ii.’il jiiere ni |iuli licity. BUSINESS EMBARRASSMENTS. Cleveland, O. denin,- li.iti. receixcr for the Smith iV l’"ettei- – at the iii-talici of one of the rnm|iaiiy’s creditor-, ha- d ist riliiit id .’i Hist iiaynient to creditors .imonntinn to thirty per cent of their i-l.-iim-. inas- iiiuidi as the assets weie found to In’ .ipproxim.alely .-f;! O.iiini, ,i- an’ainst li- .’ihilities of aiioiit .’r^l :’..inill, it is expected that further set I lenient will lie m.’ide. Wichita, Kan.- X’nluntaiy li,’inkniptc- |ildcee(| i ll;;s were tiled in the rolirt nl Ueferee i’aill .1. Wall li the l’n-^s llrns^ Seed (‘o. S(>|iteliilier Ii. heidiiie in the value of lar;i-e stocks mi hand and ditVer eilces nf npillinlis .ailioiin those ii Ulci’l’lied ill the cniiipaiiy, are ascrilicd as the re.’i sens for the .•ictioii. The Koss liiiis. S I (‘n. has lieeii ill liiisiness in Wichita nearly fnrty years and ^ener;illv the liriii h.’is lieeii renarded ;i^ .’i siiccessful and financially st ronn one. Seattle, Wash. . receiver ha- liei’ii ap]iointed to handle the afl’air- of the Uand.ill .McLoiinhliii Co, Cleveland, O. -A petitinn in Imnk ru|itcy lias hciMl filed hy tin Heiylits (ianleii (!i: I’Mower . l”rie- liolin, will hold a hearing Septeinlier I’ll, when the creditors will ni(>et to de- cide ll|ioii the i|is|iosition of the prop erty. Newark, N. J. s. A. Hot;, i – .v Co., -eedsineii and nurserymen, at ).’>.’. I’-road -I reel. .Vevvark, .. .1.. have heeii s(d(I out liy order of the rnited St;ites His trict court to satisty tin creditnis. The sale was made under the direitinn of William .. Hurley .’is receivii. I’.ililei i-iilder were the attoriiev-. Memphis, Tenn. K. K. Iluni,,-, w. o King :iiiil .1. K. I’.. Harris, ‘.vim have lieeii (loinn Uusiiii’ss under the partner -hip n.’iine of the Mi’inphi- I’lnial <‘o.. Went into chaiicerv Srpt I’ml,, r _’ with an .’ipplical ion for the .ippnin’n-.-nt ol ,1 receiver for the concern tn wind up its liiisiness t’or the lielietil. til-t. nl cred itors .and then the nii’inln i- nt ‘In linn. While llleV .’llsn ale tin m.’lill It tint sole owners of the Memphi- l-"lor,’il Ielcalf and K. 11. Kliwer, win. Iih d the lull. .I r. Kiiin vv.’i- n.-iined ri”’.i.’i. witli .1 liomi of .+-‘i.iiiiii. Ther’ -i’;’m- m, ‘Inlilit th.’lt th" delit- nl I In . niir. in will lie pa id in fill I and t i n :. -hm i t imc. The kill list- 1 hi’in ;il .^rj.Un |.).; .■,[[ -ivi- ot’ ihe cl’iini- ot ill" nii’iiili.r- i>( ‘he linn. The .■1–1I- .’He ;^i.’i! .1- |;ii’ in I Aces- nf that. Th.’ I.I-‘ appi .iis;i| ”.’ t h,,., ;,, j j |||,|.|, li:i- 111′. 11 -nlil. The llill- r.’i’i’ivaMe .ininlint In .■♦^li,.’;Hj.i;."i. I’ll.I. I .arinlis nwiier-hip- there h.i- lieen :; :; ii i iihnuse r.-in-e .It the -nulh n;H,’ nl Klmwooil ceineteiy for many veavs, .’ind most of the time it has been a fjood one. The lease on tli(i land there to the present firm will expire in .Inly ol n.’.xt vear.

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