How To Plant Mint Learn how to plant mint that comes in Bonnie’s biodegradable pots. These tips will help you plant mint right, so you can grow lots of this tasty culinary herb without allowing it to take over the garden.

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Bonnie mint plants leave our green houses healthy and ready for your garden. Before planting, water thoroughly until the pots turn dark brown. Remove the plastic wrap and tear away the bottom of the pot and the rim, to prepare it for planting. Recycle the wrapper.

Mint is a vigorous plant that spreads fast underground and roots easily on top of the ground. They can quickly make a ground cover – sometimes too quickly. See it creeping under the rocks into the path here? To keep mint from overtaking its neighbors, plant the mint in a pot, and then plant the pot. This method keeps the roots from spreading. It works in the ground too. Instead of the ground, mint is perfect in a pot all its own.

Cut sprigs often to use in your favorite dish or beverage. Happy gardening with Bonnie Plants.

Tree, Curry Canyon, California
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