How to plant Desert Rose

Desert rose are hardy plants and they don’t need as much care as compared to any other flowers. They are originally from the desert although I’m not very clear which desert(s) and they grow on bare rock. They have thick stems and roots which store water and can last up to a month without watering, but that depends on the size of your plant. They sprout in about 1 week and become a seedling. After that their growth is quite rapid and the roots and stems take longer time to form. Water once a day. Watch your plant bloom in about 6 months from a seed!

Cherry blossoms (layers)
At last I’ve figured out how to layer the images with Photoshop thanks to the help from a contact of mine, M. TANIGUCHI. This is my first experiment(^_^;).
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By tanakawho on 2009-02-16 14:49:56