How to plant Cherry trees: Jeff grows cherries in this fruit tree planting guide

Jeff demonstrates planting cherry trees in the garden in this how-to plant fruit trees advice video guide.

Cherry Trees are an easy way to achieve lovely spring flowers and delicious summer fruits. Most will grow up to around 4m and produce large quantities of delicious fruit in the summer. We also offer incredibly manageable dwarf varieties perfect for smaller gardens or simply for a more subtle display. These can even be grown in containers for a patio display. With Jeff’s tips and advice you can have your very own attractive source of fresh fruit excellent for cooking, deserts and jam, home grown in your garden.

All our Cherry tree varieties are self-fertile and can be found below. They will go great with other fruit trees.

The UK’s leading mail order plant and bulb supplier J. Parker’s are in collaboration with regional personality Jeff Turner of Granada’s gardener’s Question Time North West to offer our customers great practical advice alongside our top quality products.

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