How to plant carrots and beets

Follow Valley Nursery in Poulsbo on a simple guide to plant carrots and beets from seeds.

What about social networks?
I know, just another another talk about social network, is it really good or bad, blabla…

Actually I don’t think the problem IS social network, but what people are making of it.
(and nowadays we sadly point these kind of thing never thinking the problem could be us).

I don’t know if someone someday will read this, I don’t know if anybody ever read what I say in my little public diaries, but I feel like to share it anyway.

We’re more and more surrounded by information, just take a look at the last decades, there’s a kind of overdose that leads to the fact we don’t even care about anything and we just talk about useless things.

I thought social network were made to bring people together, to meet people and talk to people all around the world, because we have this opportunity today. Sure it’s always better to go out and have a beer, but we’ve got a tool that gives us a chance to connect with anyone from anywhere. Instead of that we just talk about food we eat, cat I find cute on YouTube and how great my holidays are.

The saddest thing I saw was with Chatroulette, I know it can makes you smile, but imagine, you can talk to anyone from anywhere, no matter your age, your gender, where you’re from. Jut take a look at how stupidly this idea was blown away.

Anyway, thank you if you read what I had to say, and I’d be happy to make the conversation with you if you’d like to share anything about it.

Wherever you are, I wish you a pleasant day! Xx
By Antwaanmusic on 2014-09-11 19:20:11