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Green Pastures
How sweet has Flickr changed in the last month’s? I am really happy with the new layout and large photo options. KUDOS to the Flick team! You make it even more fun to be here in this community.

So what do you think? Are the changes a top or a flop?

Today I show you another photo of northern Germany. This is actually the ybYplace where I come from just in case you think I was born in Tokyo or something like this. We have really faboulous clouds in spring and here again I tried to capture them in all of their beauty.

The photo is a panorama stichted together in Photoshop from 7 shots. It has more than 30.000.000 Pixels. That’s really large! But if you think a while then you might remember that the D800 has more than 30.000.000 Pixels on every image it takes… How crazy is this?

A fun fact: On the first day of my very first tour through Europe, let’s call it the start of me exploring this world, I was in Italy with a friend. We got there with an Old VW Golf II. We really had no clue how to travel. We just wanted to camp somewhere without paying because we where school kids. So we decided to take our tent and put it in such a field because normally no one visits the field and tells us to leave.
That was completely right but if you live next to such a field you might know that the population of mosquitos, rats, spiders and al lot more, small or not so small "friends" loves to gather in these fields, too.

So I had a really bad start with these fields as I was completely pierced by mosquitoes in the night and covered by slugs in the morning. A truly shocking moment 🙂

So far I want to leave you with this little tale and thank you so much for browsing my stream, leaving your sweet comments giving fave’s and just being there! You, yes YOU ROCK!


P.S. This is actually not an HDR Photo, Photoshop never laid "algortihms" on this! I shot this photo with EV -1,5 and then added a strong tonal contrast. This adds the vivid green in the foreground and emphazises the dramatic sky! Just in case you want to try a photo like this.

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By Sprengben on 2012-05-16 10:11:37