How to plant a seedling

Planting seedlings is a great way of getting plants growing quickly in the garden without having to wait for newly-sown seed to germinate, if you have well-prepared soil and a space in a bed or a container then planting a seedling literally takes no more than a couple of minutes.

‘Windswept Tree’ – Cledan Valley
That was how the guide-book in the tipi camp sold it to me anyway, the ‘windswept tree’ with sweeping views across the valley.

So seeing as the rain had called a cease-fire for a short while and the clouds were showing a little colour and some drama, I headed off up the steep and muddy path up to the top of the hills surrounding the camp.

I was expecting a bent and gnarled tree of some description, and was initially disappointed to see this… That’s not bloody windswept I thought – at which point I got lifted up and carried about 4 feet 😉

So yes, it’s earned it’s name I guess!

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By Kristofer Williams on 2013-08-17 20:15:55