How to Plant a Raised Garden Bed – This Old House

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to properly plant an elevated garden. (See below for tools and a shopping list.)

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Tools for How to Plant a Raised Garden Bed:
– telescoping garden spade
– watering wand

Shopping list for How to Plant a Raised Garden Bed:
– variety of vegetable and flowering plants
– starter fertilizer
– alfalfa straw

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Mulberry Leaf Patterns
This is probably the largest leaf to have come from our fruitless mulberry tree all year. It’s a great shade tree, but it sure drops a lot of leaves this time of year.

Strobist info: I wanted to show the patterns and veins in the leaf so I backlit it by hanging it in front of a 24 inch softbox containing a YN560. The flash was in manual mode at 1/4 power and was triggered by a Yongnuo RF-603N trigger.

Because I’ve taken so many leaf pictures, I finally created an album where they can all hang out together. If you like that sort of thing you might not hate my Leaves album.[email protected]/sets/72157649845311287/

Other plants, flowers, or fruit that I’ve photographed using strobes can be seen in my Strobe Lit Plant set. In the description for that set, I list resources that I’ve used to learn how to light with off camera flash.[email protected]/sets/72157628079460544/…

This looks best when viewed large against a black background, and you can see it in that enlightened manner by pressing "L".
By Bill Gracey 15 Million Views on 2012-12-17 10:11:26