How to Make A 5 Gallon Bucket Garden

May 2, 2009 Bucket garden in Chandler, AZ.
Please watch in HD, quality will be much beter!

All plants grown from seed at the exact same time 2 1/2 months ago in my makeshift PVC greenhouse, there are small ones only because they had to wait to be transplanted because I needed more 5 gal buckets, dirt or tomato baskets. If you live in Chandler AZ and are interested in buying one from me please send me a message, they are $20 each, I have already sold quite a few. Thank you all for your interest.

Early Girl tomatoes
Better Boy Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Yellow Pear Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Grape Tomatoes
Golden Grape Tomatoes
Red Bell Peppers
Green Bell Peppers
Orange Bell Peppers
Yellow Bell Peppers
Jalapeño Peppers

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