How To Grow Watermelon-E02- Watermelon First Time – How to plant watermelon seeds

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Follow along as I plant watermelon seeds for the first time.
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~ littlebud ~
Current weather, rainy. Snapped a moment ago on the balcony

A small bud from freshly planted balcony flowers. I can’t wait for Mother Nature to fully take over here in my part of Canada, but for now this balcony bud will just have to do.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday and the weekend is almost here, finally.

Me? Oh, thanks for asking.
I’m still doing the social network configuration and not pleased with my chain of what updates what. Every Flickr upload and FAVE will post on my Twitter, FaceBook, FriendFeed,, along with additional faves on other sites like youtube and
It’ll work out fine in a bit and I’ll post a link to what I’m doing and how.

90mm Tamron

Big Hello from Ottawa, Canada.

By ViaMoi on 2009-05-07 10:59:49