How to Grow Watercress For the Home Gardener

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This plant is very easy to grow and will perform well in a variety of climates and seasons.
It is extremely high in minerals and anti oxidents such as vitamin c.
To learn more about how to grow this tasty green watch the video then leave a comment down below.

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Backlit Leaf
This is more or less what passes for fall color in this part of southern California. It came from a fruitless mulberry tree on our property this afternoon.

Strobist info: Simple lighting, in which I scotch taped the stem of the leaf to the outer edge of my softbox, and let the leaf cover the front of it. Not elegant but it works. The YN560-II, in manual mode was triggered by a Yongnuo RF-603N.

Because I’ve taken so many leaf pictures, I finally created an album where they can all hang out together. If you like that sort of thing you might not hate my Leaves album.[email protected]/sets/72157649845311287/

Other plants, flowers, fruit or thingys that I’ve photographed using strobes can be seen in my Strobe Lit Plant set. In the description for that set, I list resources that I’ve used to learn how to light with off camera flash, and the equipment that I use.[email protected]/sets/72157628079460544/
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