How To Grow Tomatoes – BEST Secrets on How To Grow Tomatoes

How To Grow Tomatoes – HUGE tips on growing tomatoes

In this videos we show you some of the big tips and secrets to growing big tomatoes at home in your garden. These red juicy vegetables aren’t hard to grow if you know what you are doing and can even be grown in your own house with the right planting instructions.

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Reaching for the Sky at Great Dixter!
The gardens at Great Dixter were created in 1910 by English architect Edwin Lutyens, in the manner of cottage gardens on a grander scale. The gardens are set in the grounds of the manor house, first built in 1220 and added to in 1464. The house boasts an impressive timber-framed hall, one of the largest surviving in the UK. The Great Hall’s roof with its oak frame and crown post, is of particular note. It is decorated with carved shields and contains a fireplace, one of Lutyens additions. The gardens and home are owned by well known gardening author and lecturer Christopher Lloyd.

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For full information on the garden visit,… Dixter Gardens, Sussex and

Since Christopher Lloyd’s death your support will ensure the preservation of his historic house. The Great Dixter Charitable Trust is committed to maintaining the site as an innovative centre for horticulture and plantsmanship. In May 2009 the Trust was successful in raising funding to acquire the 60% share in the estate outside their ownership. With a further generous donation they were also able to buy Nathaniel Lloyd’s Dixter farm buildings.

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