How to Grow Poppies From Seeds

My post on growing poppies from seeds is one of my my popular posts. I decided to turn the post into a short video with tips on sowing and germinating poppies that I follow in my own garden. I know many think growing poppies from seeds is hard, but I find it really easy to do. See if these tips help you in your garden with your poppies.

Aeonium Succulent Plant
A few years ago we converted our landscaping to mostly drought tolerant plants, because we’re in the middle of an historic drought, and because we like cactus and succulents. This is an Aeonium plant, and I think it’s quite beautiful. This is the second version of photographing this plant, and is a more traditional look at the plant using a macro lens and a softbox with strobe for light. I’ve also posted a more impressionistic look at the same plant, which you can see down below in the comments. The two images were taken about 20 minutes apart using different lenses and settings.

For this version, I used a YN560-III in an 8.6 inch Lastolite softbox at camera left. The flash was in manual mode and was triggered by a Yongnuo RF-603N.

Other plants, flowers, fruit or thingys that I’ve photographed using strobes can be seen in my Strobe Lit Plant set. In the description for that set, I list resources that I’ve used to learn how to light with off camera flash, and the equipment that I use.[email protected]/sets/72157628079460544/

If you like pictures of cactus and succulents, you might not hate my Cactus and Succulents set. That set can be seen here[email protected]/sets/72157633383093236/…
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