How to Grow & Plant Sweet Potato Slips in Containers & Beds

How to Grow & Plant Sweet Potato Slips in Containers & Beds
Hi folks. Here’s a look at how easy it is to grow your own Sweet Potato slips then plant them out into a container or a prepared garden bed. I’ve included a look at a few different ways to grow slips from “seed” potatoes to help you out.
Have planted these into a Root Pouch & will be growing the vines up a trellis. Hopefully they will grow well enough through our cool season that we’ll get a few small harvests of greens.

If you live in Australia & would like to purchase a few Root Pouches you can purchase them from myself. More information & ordering details can be found here.

Below is a link to Gardenate’s climate selection page. Just select your climatic zone & it will give you a rough idea when particular varieties are ready to be sown/planted out in your area.

Many thanks to Penny Mitchell from Share the Seed Australia for letting me use her picture of a sweet potato in a glass. ?
Cheers Penny. ?

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