How to Grow Peanuts

Here’s how to grow peanuts. They are one of the most fun things I’ve ever grown.

My video about making peanut butter with my wheat grinder:

Further information about growing peanuts in northern climates:

Man growing peanuts in Nova Scotia:

Venus Fly Trap Eating Compilation: Scott’s Revenge On The Caterpillars
Eat my basil plants, will you? Now we’ll see who gets eaten!

This is my revenge on the little green bastards that utterly destroyed my basil plants back in 2008.

The speed at which traps close generally depends on health and temperature of the overall plant, so I’m told. This action happens once one of the small trigger hairs is touched twice in a row by an insect. (This is why dead bugs don’t get "eaten"; without repeated triggering after closing, the trap thinks it "missed" and will re-open over the next day.)

Once closed, the video is sped up to show how the trap continues to seal as encouraged by the trapped insect.

The background accompaniment is a mash-up I made myself the old-fashioned way, using turntables and records; it’s a mix of samples from a scary soundtrack, blended with bits of an old record from the 60’s on how to be a radio disk jockey.

This compilation took a lot of patience to put together. Getting macro video of plants is difficult, but was only the first step; getting bugs into a position where they’ll eventually end up in the trap proved to be frustrating – but as the results show, a worthwhile effort.
By Schill on 2009-08-03 21:56:57