How to Grow Artichokes Start to Finish – Complete Growing Guide

In this episode we will be talking how to grow artichokes. Artichokes
can be tricky, but with the help of this growing guide you can have
success even as a beginner! This is truly the most comprehensive
growing guide on Artichokes in all of youtube, so I hope you enjoy, and
I hope you learn something new.

What we discuss: How to fertilize artichokes, how long do artichokes
take to flower, how much water do artichokes need, how big do they get,
and how much space do I need to give them, how many artichokes form on
a single plant, what pH is ideal for growing artichokes, how much
sunlight is required for growing them, are they perennial or annual,
and will they survive winter conditions in cold climates.

I finally figured out how this plant grows!
By Stylva on 2011-06-24 10:27:20