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Greetings! The garden is in a state of change. Fall is on the way and summer is winding down. The tomato plants are starting to wither and the pepper plants are happy, happy, happy and producing a lot. So I imagine I will be picking peppers till Thanksgiving. The cucumbers never did anything but we have had a lot of tomatoes this year and thankfully so, I believe this year was the best year I have had for tomatoes in the eight years I have had this garden. I will be planting some fall squash here this weekend and will let you see what I do but for the most part things are holding their own, but the weeds have taken over and everything looks frightful due to the large amounts of late summer rain we have experienced.

My neighbor grew a lot of summer zucchini and yellow squash so he was gracious enough to share. I love when I am the recipient of someone elses bounty. We tend to share things back and forth. I keep him in fresh bread and he brings me pears, zucchini and whatever he has an over abundance of. Symbiosis in action!

So I thought I would take a moment today and show you how you can save the glut of zucchini coming from your own garden or your neighbor or the grocery store markdown rack in a way that does not require you to blanch them. This is an application that would be appropriate for zucchini cake, muffins, zucchini bread, zucchini fritters or pancakes.

Simply grate the squash and measure into freezer bags. Label them date them and toss them in the deep freeze. This will be there whenever you want to make zucchini treats and it will keep in your freezer for up to a year.

If you want to save the zucchini in slices then you will need to properly blanch them and I will show you how to do that in another video.

I hope this was helpful and I hope you learned something you can use!

Happy Planting!

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