How To Create a Mini Garden

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Steve McShane here with an emerging hobby in the gardening and landscape arena, Fairy Gardens. Miniature gardens for folks in town homes and in condos, this is the way to go because on a tight budget and not a lot of space, you can still get the satisfaction of gardening.

Look at some of these beauties, nice stepping stones in the form of broken terra cotta, an easy to maintain ground cover like this isotoma, various succulents, and a nice focal point in the case of this hand painted cottage. A low bowl with holes underneath that allow for drainage is all you really need.

You can get something finished, in the case of these fairy gardens here or you can make one yourself.

Assembling a miniature garden is as easy as 1-2-3. The first step is going to be a nice container, you want a good hole in the bottom so that drainage is possible. Ensuring drainage even more-so is going to take a little gravel inside. Plants do not like wet feet. Spreading out the gravel easily will ensure success.

I also recommend to people to use a high quality potting soil, look at the ingredients; a balanced addition on the front end is going to produce a better garden on the back end.

Once you have your container, your soil and your drainage, you then want to consider plant material. I just love succulents with a good ground cover. Note the isotoma with the nice flowers. Succulents provide the scale that you are looking for.

Once you’ve got your plants and your container you then want to consider the bling. This Canadian micha is just gorgeous or this Arizona stone, even broken pottery goes a long way. And of course, the focal point to the fairy garden or miniature garden, a nice little house of some sort. Some sort of feature that draws you in.

With the right ingredients and a little bit of time you’ll have a container garden just like this one. The beauty of it is that it will take you 1/100th of the time of a normal landscape and it will cost you 1/1000th of the budget.

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Finished ball in Pot
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