Even though lawn mowers are very sturdy machines, you will still need to do some general cleaning if you want to prolong its working life. And not only will the mower last longer, it will work more efficiently for you, which simply means you will have an easier time while mowing your lawn.

But you need to clean your mower properly if you want to do it safely. Remember, your mower has very sharp blades that can cause severe injuries, and engines or electrical parts that may short-circuit if water gets into the wrong compartments.

Thankfully, it’s not that difficult to clean your mower at all. All you have to do is to follow these tips below…

The most important tip is to remember to cover the air filters first before you start any cleaning with water. If water gets into the engine, it will probably damage the mower permanently, so taking the precaution to cover up the air intake vents is of critical importance.

Then to save time, you can use your garden hose to spray water all around the mower and try to get rid of as much accumulated dirt and grime as you can. Pay special attention to the underside of the mower as that’s where most of the grass clippings and dirt can be found. You will also want to ensure that the joints and moving parts are cleaned, like the areas around the wheels.

Sometimes the grass and dirt is stuck so tightly to the underside or to the frame that you can’t even spray it clean with a water hose. In that case, you will have to get a scrapper to work it off slowly. Scrape off the dirt from the blades, but be careful to stay away from the sharp edges while you are doing so. The connecting shaft between the engine and the blades is an important part of the mower, so take extra time to make sure it is cleared of any accumulated weeds or twines that tend to wind themselves around this shaft.

If this shaft is not cleaned, you may find that the performance of the mower is affected. The blades may not spin as smoothly, or the speed may be slowed down dramatically. This is due to the friction on the shaft, so cleaning the shaft goes a long way to improve the performance and effectiveness of the mower.

When you are done with all the cleaning, leave the mower aside to dry up completely. Once you are sure that all moving parts are 100% dry, it’s a good idea to lubricate the mower with a suitable lubricating oil. Again, this helps to prolong the life of the mechanical parts by reducing the wear and tear caused when they rub against each other during the operation of the mower.

That’s it! Use the tips above and you can have a nice and clean mower in no time at all. And you can save on your maintenance costs as your mower will last longer and break down less often.

For more tips like these, or if you want to find suitable replacement parts for your lawn mower, please go to: used mower parts

Image from page 57 of “The American florist : a weekly journal for the trade” (1885)
Title: The American florist : a weekly journal for the trade
Identifier: americanfloristw4515amer
Year: 1885 (1880s)
Authors: American Florists Company
Subjects: Floriculture; Florists
Publisher: Chicago : American Florist Company
Contributing Library: UMass Amherst Libraries
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52 The American Florist. July 24, Index to Advertisers Advance Co The 49 Alpha Floral Co 27 American Spawn Co. 40 AmlingE C Co 21 Anderson S A 27 Angermueller G H.. 23 AphineMfgCo 50 Archias Floral Co… 30 Arnold A A Paper Box Co 26 Aschmann Godfrey.. 36 Badgley, Riedel & Meyer 25 Barnard WW Co… 33 Bassett&Washburn. 16 Baumer AugR.’…. 27 Baur Window Glass Co IV Beaven E A 26 Begerow’s 28 BergerBros 22 BerningH G 23 Blackistone Z D 29 Bodger J & Sons Co. 37 Boland J B Co 27 BolgianoJ&Sons 34 Bragg Ross 27 Bramley & Son 30 Braslan Seed Grow- ers Co 32 Breitmeyer’sJSons.. 28 BrunsHN 37 B runnings 34 Bryan AlonzoJ 36 Buchbinder Bros 47 BuckbeeH W 30 BudlongJ A 19 Burpee WA& Co.. 35 Caldwell the Woods- man Co 26 California Florists… 30 Camp Conduit Co… 52 Chicago Flower Growers Assn 18 Chicago House Wrecking Co 48 Chicago & North Western Ry 12 Clark EB Seed Co.. 35 Clarke’s Sons D 29 Clay&Son 50 Cleveland Cut Flower Co 29 Clipper Lawn Mower Co 51 Conard & Jones Co.. 39 Cooke Geo H 27 Cowee W J 52 Coy HC Seed Co…. 33 Craig RobtCo 41 Cunningham Jos H.. 36 DardsChas 28 Davis Franklin Nurs Co 39 Denton Floral Co… 30 Detroit Flower Pot Mfg Co 51 Dietsch A & Co…. IV Diller Caskey& Keen IV DornerF&SonsCo. 41 Dreer HA 50 51 Duerr Chas A 30 Duluth Floral Co…. 30 DunlopJohnH 29 Eagle Wire Works..IV Edwards Fold Box.. 52 Emmans Geo M 36 Erne & Klingel 21 Evans Co The J A… 52 Eyres H G 29 Fish Henry Seed Co. 34 Florists’ Hail Assn.. 52 Foley Greenhouse Mfg Co IV Ford M C 25 Ford William P 24 Franzen F 0 36 Frauenfelder C 27 Freeman Mrs J B…. 30 Freres Bremond 33 KreyCH 30 Frey & Frey 29 Friedman 27 Froment H E 25 Frost Chas 35 Furrow & Co 30 Galvin Thos F .. ..29 Garland Mfg Co 46 Gasser J M Co 29 Giblin& Co 47 Godineau R& M 35 Gorham & Limpus..III Graham A & Son 27 Grand Rapids 30 Floral Co Grasselli Chemical Co 50 GudeBros 28 Guttman & Raynor (Inc) 25 Haeger Potteries The 51 Hammond Benj 49 Hardesty & Co 27 Harley Pottery Co… 51 Hart George B 25 Haven Seed Co The. 34 HeacockJosCo 41 Heinl John G&Son. 30 HendersonA&Co.. . I Henderson Lewis … 30 Herr Albert M 37 Herrmann A Ill Hess &Swoboda 28 Hews A H&Co 51 Hilfinger Bros 51 Hill D Nurs Co 39 HoerberBros 21 Hollywood Gardens. 29 Holm &01so- 28 Holton & T inkel Co 23 HomeCorSi sol…. 40 Horticultural Ptg Co The 37 Hurff Edgar F 35 Ickes-BraunMillCo. 47 Igoe Bros 51 IsbellS M & Co…. 34 Jackson & Perkins… 39 Jennings E B 35 Johnston & Co TJ… 27 Jones Percy 16 Joy Floral Co 30 Kasting W F Co … I Keller Geo & Sons.. 51 Keller Sons J B 30 Kelway & Son 34 Kennicott Bros Co.. 21 Ky Tobacco Pro Co. 50 Kerr R C Floral Co. 30 Kervan Co The 25 Kessler Wm 25 King Construct Co. . 52 Kohr A F 51 Kramer IN &Son… 51 KroeschellBrosCo.. 46 Kruchtenjohn 21 Kuehn C A 23 KuhlGeo A 37 Kyle &Foerster 21 LaCrosse Floral Co.. 28 Landreth Seed Co.. 35 Lang Flo &Nur Co.. 30 Lange A 27 LeboriusJJ 29 Leedle Floral Co …. 36 Lockland Lum Co… 48 London Flower Shp. 29 LovettJT 39 McCallum Co 22 McConnell Alex 27 McHutchison & Co.. 34 McNeff-Swenson Co 26 Matthews the Flo’st. 27 MatthewsonJE 28 May & Co L L 28 Meconi Paul 25 Memphis Flo Shop.. 30 MetairieRidgeNurs. 27 Mette Henry 40 Miller &Musser 21 MoningerJ C Co….Ill Montreal Floral Exchange Ltd 24 Moore. Hentz & Nash 24 Morehead Mfg Co…. 47 Mt Mitchell Deco- rative E’green Co.. 26 Murray Samuel 28 Myers Florist 30 Nat Flo B of Trade.. 52 Newell A 29 N Y Cut Flower Ex.. 25 Nicotine Mfg Co 50 Nielsen Knud 26 Niessen Leo Co 22 Northwestern Wire Works 52 Ostertag Bros 29 Palmer W J & Son .. 28 Wired Toothpicks 10,000 $1.75; 50,000$7.50. Manufactured bv W. J. COWEE, Berlin, N. Y. Park Floral Co 28 Peacock Dahlia Farms 37 PedrickGR&Son.. 35 Peterson J A &Sons. I Peterson Nursery… 39 Peters &ReedPoty. 51 Phillips Bros 30 Pierce FO Co 46 Pierson FR Co I Pierson A N (Inc)… 41 Pieters-Wheeler Seed Co 32 Pikes Peak Flo Co… 30 Pillsbury IL 52 Pittsburgh Cut Flower Co 22 Podesta&Baldocchi. 29 Poehlmann Bros Co 14 15 Pollworth C C Co… 23 Portland Flo Shop.. 30 Pulverized Manure Co 50 Pyfer A T & Co 19 Raedlein Basket Co. 20 Rakestraw-Pyle Co The 39 Randall A L Co 21 Randolph & Mc- Clements 27 Rawlings Elmer 36 Ready Reference…. 42 Reed & Keller 52 Regan Ptg House 51 Reid Edw 22 Reinberg Geo 21 ReinbergPeter…. 17 36 Retail Florists Co The 21 Reuter&Son SJ…. 27 Rice Bros 23 Robinson I C Seed Co 35 RockWmLFlwrCo. 30 Rohnert Waldo 35 Routzahn Seed Co .. 34 Rusch G&Co -23 Rye George 30 Schiller, the Florist.. 30 Schillo Adam Lumber Co IV Schlatter W & Son.. 52 Schling M ax 28 Schwake Chas & Co. 24 SeftonMfgCo 26 Sharp Partridge & Co Ill Sheridan Walter F.. 25 Shinn Warren 40 Siebrecht George C. 25 Simmons & Son 30 Situation & Wants… 11 SkidelskySS&Co…. 35 Small JH&Sons…. 27 Smith AW &Co…. 29 SmithED&Co 36 Smith & Fetters Co.. 27 Smith & Hemenway. 47 Smith Henry 30 Smith Wm C Flo Co 23 Smith W&T Co… I Snyder FR 36 South Park Floral Co II Storrs & Harrison… 40 Struck Alfred Co… Ill StumppGEM 29 Superior Machine & Boiler Wrks…. 48 Swayne William 40 Syracuse Pot’ry Co.. 51 Thompson J D Carnation Co I Thorburn J M & Co. 34 Tonner O A 16 TottyChasH 41 Traendly&Schenck. 25 United Cut Flwr Co 25 Vaughan. AL &Co.. 20 Vaughan’s Seed Store I III 37 41 51 Vick’s Sons J 35 Vincent R Jr & Sons Co I WaiteFW 52 Walker F Co 27 Wallace FD IV Weiland M 29 Weiland&Risch…. 21 Welch Patrick 22 Western Seed & Irrigation Co 33 Whilldin Pottery Co. 51 Whitted Floral Co… 27 Wietor Bros 18 21 WillensConsCo…. 48 Wittbold GCo….27 31 Wolfskill Bros & Morris Goldenson . 30 Wood Bros . 36 Yokohama Nurs Co 35 Young AL&Co…. 25 YoungJohn&Co 24 Young & Nugent.. . 27 Zech & Mann 17 21 Ziska Jos 21 Zvolanek Anton C… 33 Attention, Mr. Greenhouse Man. When erecting your next bench, why not build with material that will last? Our clay tile benches, made from burned clay, same as flower pots, need no replacing, and the cost is very little more than wood. Tile bottoms furnished anywhere in car- load or less Quantities. Write today for circular. CAMP CONDUIT CO., Cleveland, O. Mention the American Florist when writing REED & KELLER, 122 W. 25th St., NEW YORK. FLORISTS’ SUPPLIES We manufacture all our Metal Designs, Baskets, Wire Work, and Novelties, and are dealers in Glass- ware, Pottery, Decorative Greens and all Florists’ Requisites. Mention the American Florist when writing sample free. For sale by dealers. The name that assures ‘ ‘the most for the money" in GREENHOUSES Write for Bulletin No. 47 and you will see why. KING CONSTRUCTION CO. I 29 King’s Road, N. Tonawanda, N. Y< I CUT FLOWER BOXES! EDWARDS FOLDING BOX CO MANUFACTURERS PHILADELPHIA, PA. I not let the accounts owing yon re- ** main longer unpaid. Send them to na at once. We are prompt, energetic and reasonable, and can reach any point in the United States and Canada. National Florists’ Board of Trade 56 PINE S^ NEW YORK

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