How to Clean Garden Tools and Pruning Shears

The simple and easy (and most efficient) way to clean your garden tools. Cleaning your garden tools regularly extends the life of your tools and keeps them working properly.

Note: we had sound issues at the end of this video. We apologize for the quality. Rather than spend hours (as amateurs) trying to fix it, we felt it was more important to get the information out in a timely fashion. Enjoy!

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Pantusha, Revisited
• HDR Photo

OK, it’s not a picture of a living cat; it’s a photo of a statue of a cat. Who erects a statue to a cat? Read on. It’s a sad tail (tale), to be sure…

The owner of the nearby restaurant, Pantagruel, decided to let a cat named Pantusha live inside the eatery. Soon the cat became a favorite with visitors. However once the restaurant caught fire, killing the poor pet. The restaurant’s patron renovated the restaurant, of course, and insisted a small monument be erected in memory of the cat.

Link to the article. However, there is nothing more about Pantusha in this article.

How I did this……

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by Matt Shalvatis – Roads Less Traveled Photography
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By Matt. Create. on 2010-06-19 11:06:36