You can have a lot of fun altering your lawn mower into a racing machine. It is clear that you will still have more fun actually competing in races or just driving the mower, however, if you are handy with tools and like working on a project then this will likely be a productive effort. It isn’t that difficult to make something that is race worthy once you have the know how, the right tools and a bit of time and patience. When you are done you will be able to take it for a test drive and see your handy work in motion. There are a few purchases you will need to make, some of these things may be acquired at a scrap yard if you are lucky enough to find them. You don’t need to spend an arm and leg, you just have to ensure that whatever parts you buy will fit your racer and do a satisfactory job of improving performance.

Required Materials

Smaller pulleys

New muffler (Optional)


Required Tools



1.The first thing you will have to do is changing the pulleys. Basically this will increase your lawn mower’s speed which is a necessity if you intend to win any races. You will have to take out the motor from the lawn mower. Then turn it upside down but very carefully when doing this, so you don’t end up accidentally damaging the motor. Now get your wrench and take off the bolt and tap that are needed for keeping the pulley in the correct position. You may now install your smaller pulley. Once you have done this inspect your motor to make sure it doesn’t have any obviously damaged areas. This is especially important for your dry belt. If it looks bad replace it immediately. To finish this part of the process put on your dry belt and ensure you tighten the bolts.

2.Inspect your muffler thoroughly. You shouldn’ drive a racer that contains a bad muffler as this will cause it to burn gas less efficiently and drive a bit sluggishly. You will be searching for signs of corrosion or any holes that may cause the leakage of fuel. While the corrosion can be cleaned off, the holes will likely be irreparable unless you opt to get it welded by a specialist. If not change your muffler.

3.You may now detach one of your governors. This is located on the carburettor and may reduce speed potential if one end is still attached to the throttle feed. Hence you will need to remove the governor from the throttle feed to increase performance.

4.Check the tires to make sure they are road ready. You may wish to change the tires for racing purposes. For example the wheels at the back may be increased in size if you will be doing a lot of off-road or mud racing. Additionally you may put on smaller wheels in the front if you want your racer to drive more efficiently around curves. The choice is entirely up to you on this one.

5.Some race tracks may have strict guidelines about what the mowers should possess. For example there are some that expect the driver to maintain the mowing deck to give the racer more stability. Make alterations in relation to these regulations.

6.You can now add a bit of paint or any other decorative enhancements to make your mower stand out.

Tips and Warnings

You can look at other racers to gain more ideas on how to make your racer better. Speak to a few experts in this area to give yourself the edge.

Wear a helmet when you are racing, terrible injuries may occur if you meet in an accident while racing

Wearing something over your eye, that is a pair of goggles, is a good idea.

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Magneto from my Briggs & Stratton 35 lawnmower engine.
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