Stone and gravel are used extensively in many different kinds of Houston landscaping. They fulfill both aesthetic and practical demands. They are essential to the creation of concealed irrigation and drainage systems. They are also integral components of a number of landscaping applications.

One such application is hardscape design. Both traditional and contemporary Houston landscaping plans commonly features stone walkways, patios, and courtyards.

Gravel is sometimes used to build patios as well, although it is more commonly used as an accent tool that enhances stone work and provide drainage for any vegetation professional landscapers plant around the edge of the hardscape.

Many gardens also incorporate stone and gravel into their design. Gravel borders lined with rocks are an excellent way to accent the borders of contemporary custom gardens.

In modern gardens, where vegetation is marginalized in favor or more inorganic elements, gravel is often used as the foundational element tying fountains, plants, and decorative structures together.

Traditional gardens are also built with gravel pathways running through them. Stepping stones laid down in the gravel give visitors to the garden a sure surface over which to walk. The combination of vegetation and rock helps convey a feeling that one is very close to nature.

This allows professional landscapers to create very sophisticated, formal garden designs that still feel comfortable, grounded, and peaceful to the viewer.

Stone and gravel are also important in the creation of a variety of water elements. Swimming pool patios are typically built from either decorative concrete, stone, or stone pavers. Natural swimming pools are often surrounding by a mixture of gravel, vegetation, and boulders to mimic outdoor settings as much as possible.

Larger, flat stones are arranged around the water’s edge to create a patio area that looks deceptively true to nature while skillfully concealing its true purpose as a seating and diving area.

Gravel beds in key locations around the water add authenticity to the scene while at the same time functioning as hidden drainage systems that keep the water at optimal levels.

Stone and gravel are also the mainstay elements for many of the customized elements professional landscapers create in our Houston landscaping plans. One of the more popular creations professional landscapers have developed for clients over the years is the morning garden fountain.

This is a simple custom fountain centered in a gravel bed that is overlooked by a private stone patio for two. Variations of this morning garden design have been built as addons to homes, private retreats for two in the far reaches of the yard, and even as covered addons to the sides of homes.

The wide diversity of stone and gravel types lets professional landscapers establish as many formal, traditional, or abstract motifs in a Houston landscaping design. This flexibility of applications enables professional landscapers to link any style of home architecture and any number of garden designs into a unified outdoor aesthetic.

It also allows landscapers to customize our Houston landscaping plans to the personal lifestyles of homeowners. The low maintenance forms generated with these simple, yet beautiful materials, result in structures that essentially maintain themselves for decades with little or no human attention required.

Jeff Halper has a passion for landscaping and Houston Landscape Design. For more information visit Houston Landscape Design Houston Landscape Elements and Stone and Gravel.

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What Types Of Landscaping Stones Are Available

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