Growing your own tomatoes is a really good idea if you want your tomatoes fresh and you want to make sure that there were no chemicals used in the growing. The tomato plant is very suitable for home gardening because it’s relatively easy to grow and it bears fruit over a long period of time. The best part about the tomato is that even if you have very little space, you can still grow your very own tomatoes.

Supplies for planting tomatoes are usually no problem because most home and gardening stores will have tomato growing kits available. If they don’t have the kits, you can always ask one of the staff and they should know what items you will need in detail. What we’re going to go through today are the six basic steps in having your own patio tomato garden.

* Step one – Determine what sort of tomato plant you’ll want to have growing on your patio, either indeterminate plants or determinate plants. Determinate plants will stop growing in size after a certain goal is reached while indeterminate plants will keep on growing until they run out of room to do so. For home patio growers, I would greatly recommend that you go with the determinate plant.

* Step two – Once you have chosen the type of tomato plant you want to go with, it is now time to select a container. Pick a container that is at least 12 inches in diameter, the bigger the better because tomatoes love space. You can use old cans, pails, buckets and flower pots as containers for your tomato plants. Do not forget to check if there are holes at the bottom to ensure that excess water is drained, if there are none then poke some holes at the bottom.

* Step three – Fill your container with some potting soil and some slow-release fertilizer. Once that’s done, you can plant the seeds as directed by the packet or transplant a young tomato plant. You can purchase seedlings from your local nursery and for me this is a lot easier than growing them from seeds.

* Step four – Taking care of tomato plants is very simple. Make sure that the location you have in mind will have sunlight at least six to eight hours per day as tomatoes love sunlight. The older your tomato plant gets, the more water it needs to grow so be sure to check daily if it needs watering or not.

* Step five – Check with the packet of seeds or the nursery where you purchased the seedlings to determine how the tomatoes look when they’re ripe. Once it is determined that the tomatoes are ripe, you can harvest them by simply picking them with your hands. No tools or devices required, pick them with your bare hands!

Step six – The best step of them all, enjoying your tomatoes! You can sell them, eat them, preserve them, bottle them and even give them away to your friends. There’s always that certain satisfaction that comes from consuming a fruit that you yourself have grown.

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By setimike on 2009-06-29 18:02:43
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How to Grow an Easy Patio Apartment Container Garden for Beginners

John from shows you from start to finish how easy it is to grow a patio container edible garden for your apartment or condo if you have a balcony or small outdoor space.

In this episode, John helps out his girlfriend to grow more food. John first started her growing indoors in the winter with an super easy aerogarden (see link below) and now she has graduated to the growing level #1, which is outdoor gardening in self-watering containers.

If you want to learn the EASIEST way to grow food ever watch this episode, it will share all the tips, tricks and specifically the special self-watering planting containers that are available near you that you should use to grow some food easily. John will talk about how to mix soil on the patio using a tarp, as well as some of the amendments you will want to include in your soil mixture for the highest level of success. You will also discover some of the best fruits and vegetables and herbs you may want to plant in your garden.

John will then get his beautiful girlfriend involved with helping to plant the plants and then give her easy instructions on how to take care of her very first outdoor patio apartment self-watering container garden so she can grow her own high quality food and purchase less at the grocery store.

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